YouTube’s ‘Dislike’ number is no longer visible

Kathmandu. Video Sharing Platform – YouTube is going to make the number of ‘dislikes’ of videos private. Currently, all the likes and dislikes of all the videos uploaded on YouTube are publicly visible.
However, YouTube, which is owned by Google, has announced that it will not remove the dislike option but will keep the number private. When a user dislikes, Google’s recommendation algorithm is informed. So the option to dislike is not to be removed.

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According to YouTube, this is a decision made after the results of a study. That study was done last year. Without showing the number of dislikes, no one will be able to campaign as planned to create more dislikes than likes.

A study by YouTube showed that the number of dislikes in the video did not show the number of dislikes compared to other videos. YouTube believes that this will reduce the planned dislike.

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However, by going to the YouTube Studio dashboard, content creators will be able to see the dislike numbers.

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