Yoga in Pregnancy: Which Deadly and Which Beneficial?

Yoga is the best remedy for physical health and healthy living. Yoga helps prevent disease rather than treating it. Yoga is also an indispensable method for longevity, health and well-being. But, in all cases, doing all kinds of yoga is not only ineffective, but can also be harmful. For example, pregnancy.

It is not advisable to do all kinds of yoga during pregnancy. However, there are some yoga poses that are considered extremely beneficial during pregnancy. What are yogasanas? This is how Loknath Khanal, a yoga guru at Patanjali Yogpeeth, explains the do’s and don’ts of yoga during pregnancy and menstruation.


Yoga is generally an essential physical exercise for all people. However, pregnant women and menstruating women are advised not to do any yoga. For example, different yoga poses are suitable according to the age, gender and physical condition of the person. Some yoga poses are also prescribed for pregnant women, which are beneficial for mother and baby during pregnancy.

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Some subtle exercises can be done during pregnancy. With the subtle exercise, the bhastrika and anuloma can be reversed. Apart from this, complex types of yogasanas cannot be done. This is not to say that other exercises should not be done. But for this you need to take the advice of a skilled trainer. Pregnant women should not do very complicated yoga poses without a trainer as even a small mistake can cause a big loss.

Generally, yoga can be done up to 3 months of pregnancy as usual. But after the third month, you have to pay attention to it. Then don’t do too many jumping yoga exercises. Asanas including Chakrasana should not be done.

Morning walk during pregnancy or not?

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Morning walk during pregnancy is suitable for mother and baby. Regular pranayama during pregnancy is beneficial for neural delivery. But doing it irregularly does not bring proper benefit. For this, you can do half an hour in the morning and half an evening as long as you have free time. The number of hours of daily morning walk is determined by one’s physical ability. Pranayama during pregnancy also benefits the health of both mother and baby.

What to do after delivery?

Complicated yoga poses are not allowed for a few months after delivery. Even if you have given birth in normal condition, you should not do any yoga pose except Anulom Bilom and Pranayama for 3-4 months. In case of operation, yoga cannot be done for at least 6 months.

Yoga to solve the problem of menstruation

It has been found that some menstrual problems are solved by yoga. Some postures are prescribed for problems like abdominal pain during menstruation and irregular menstruation. But for 4-5 days after menstruation, Kapalbhati and other jumping yoga should not be done. No one who has become a mother should do such yoga as much as possible. If you are bleeding regularly, you should not jump up and down until the bleeding stops.

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Similarly, the problem of not having regular menstruation has been found to be some of the examples that have been stopped through yoga. It also solves the problem of irregular menstruation when women who are not menstruating regularly do Kapalbhanti, Anulom-Bilom and Surya Namaskar regularly. Another yoga posture that women should do is Ashwini posture. This process of stopping the contraction of the anus also has health benefits.

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