Why do couples fight so often?

The couple disagrees on small matters including housework, family matters, personal thoughts or desires, aspirations, expectations. They argue on the same pretext. One gets stuck. Ghurki wears. But, how long does it last?

You have to speak at some point. You have to open your mouth. So they try to make another excuse. There are many excuses. Whether it is by singing a favorite song to an angry partner, or by doing something, or by cooking a sweet meal, or by giving a small gift, or by looking for an excuse to cheat.


After being blown up like this, both of them become one again. They laugh. गफिन्छन्। Behave intimately. They compliment each other. They care. But, how long will such a pleasant environment last? One day A week? One year Many years

Some small accusation comes and then the argument between husband and wife starts. They try to win each other over with their arguments. They try to dominate. They try to dissolve or lose their partner. There is a rush. There is a fight. Conversation closed.

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The task of blowing and blowing is repeated again. This happens to every couple. Well, the form of the fight or the point at which the fight starts depends on the mentality, thinking, attitude, behavior and situation of the couple.

A couple who are fighting over a very small issue. Another couple who do not care about such trivial matters. A couple who keep blaming each other. Another couple who do not want to be blamed for small things. That being said, it depends on the couple’s ability to think and act.

Some couples also argue about common issues. There is a competition to add ghee to the same fire. The height of their struggle will only come to an end when they reach out.

How many couples disagree on common issues? The partner begins to react strongly. However, the other partner does not want to push the issue further. Silently tolerates or exaggerates or admits his mistake.

The result of the fight is also positive

Having a baby is one of the main causes of conflict between a couple who have already given birth. There are minor differences between husband and wife over the child. Disagreements can arise even when the child is not in agreement with the child. Husband and wife differ on how to raise a child, how to teach, what to make, what not to make. Their struggle to reach a consensus on such matters draws a conclusion. When there is an argument between husband and wife, there is an argument, it makes a solid decision. In fact, this is the reason why some differences between husband and wife are beneficial.

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After all, their struggles are centered around their own marital and family life. Both of them have ideas, desires and aspirations to make the family prosperous. It happens to make you happy. It happens to make you happy.

The medicine of strife

There is a story, the medicine of strife. In essence, the story goes that the only way to settle a quarrel between two couples is to remain silent. In other words, while arguing with each other, the fight takes a big shape. When one of the two is silent, there is no quarrel.

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According to the story, in a family, there are frequent quarrels between the couple. Why is there a fight between them? There is no concrete reason. Still, there are fights. Eventually the wife goes to a doctor, looking for a cure. The doctor gives a liquid drink and says, ‘When the fight starts, put this medicine in the mouth. But, it cannot be swallowed or spat upon. There will be no fighting. ‘

The wife does the same. Before the fight started, she put the drink in her mouth. Husbands start shouting and abusing. So, wife quietly. Eventually the husband gets tired and stops talking. After a few days of this process, their fight will stop. Since there was no argument, there was no talk of a fight.

In particular, drinking water is the medicine given to fight. Water does not stop fighting. But, after putting water in his mouth, he could not speak. There was no quarrel after refusing to speak. The gist of the story is that keeping quiet or not arguing unnecessarily is the cure for strife.

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