Who earned more than 900 million followers in Tiktok without speaking!

Khabi Lem is second on the list of the most popular people in Tiktak. Lam is second only to American dancer Charlie D’Amelio in the list of celebrities.


His ticket account is followed by more than 900 million people and he has received 1.3 billion likes. Many have speculated that Lame may even surpass Amelio.

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Amelio is the first person to reach one billion followers in Tiktak. He now has more than 1.2 billion followers. Khabi Lem was born in Senegal, West Africa. Lem, now 21, now lives in Italy.


Lame has been showing his videos comparing the work done by other people with the topic of how to make this work easier. Lem has shown that they are complicated without any reason.

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But in the video he does not speak. People enjoy seeing the dramatic expression on her face, and her video shows that you don’t need to know any language to know that it’s fun.

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