White Gold Vs Platinum: Which Is Shiner?

Maybe you have heard that platinum is the best metal but do you have enough to justify it? On this page, we will want to decide for ourselves. Here we will provide several factors that set these two popular metals apart. White gold vs platinum resembles each other on the surface, but they are more different than you think. We have five main differences between white gold and platinum on this page. You will want to know this before you make any jewelry purchases. Also, do not forget to check on this page often to understand more on these metals.

White Gold VS Platinum: Differences

The main misconception between white gold and platinum is that both metals work the same as time goes on because they resemble each other buying them. White gold typically is a precious white metal that we usually recommend. However, any smart buyer should understand its disadvantages as it becomes old. 

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White gold is not pure gold. It combines with metals like silver, palladium, or nickel. Once combined, the metal is rhodium plated to offer a whiter and shiner appearance. This makes this metal resemble platinum when they are both new.

It is essential to know that the plating finishing tends to wear off as time goes on, and the metal stats show its natural yellow color. You will need to get it rhodium plated at the jewelry store when this happens. Based on how busy you are and how often you wear this jewelry, it can begin to wear off fast. When you agree to buy white gold, you need to maintain it properly.

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Platinum metal, on the other hand, ages in separate ways. To be platinum, this metal requires to have 95% or more of the metal. This makes it one of the purest metals you can purchase. As time goes by, platinum fades separately. It will not become yellow like white gold. 

However, it will start losing its shiny finish and building a natural platina. Some people like this look because it accentuates the brilliance of the diamond and makes it look more sparkly. Same to white gold, platinum can be brought to life at the jewelry store to restore its original look by polishing it.

The Cost

The main selling point in white gold vs. platinum is the cost. Platinum metal is always more expensive than white gold because it is rare. Also, platinum mines are less than white gold. Platinum metal is also denser compared to white gold. The same ring will weigh more if it is platinum instead of gold. It is more expensive than gold because precious metals are usually priced based on their weight.

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White gold vs. platinum has several factors that make them unique. Some of these factors play a significant role in buying it. Based on your specific needs in an engagement ring, you will be required to weigh the cost and total benefits to know the best option. The metal white is shiner than white gold because it has rhodium plating lasting about six months. Note that each piece of jewelry requires proper maintenance to last longer.

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