While practicing yoga, you must pay special attention to these things

While practicing yoga, special attention should be paid to some important aspects. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

1 eyes should be closed
For humans, the ability to see is the strongest. When you close your eyes, the whole world disappears — if you have created your own imaginary world in your mind, that’s different! If we have to embrace anything, the eyes close automatically, because the eyes keep us immersed in the outside world. If you close your eyes, you can still hear, smell and feel, but half the world is closed. Therefore, the process of incorporating anything within oneself is best when the eyes are closed. When you practice yoga-asanas, you want to do something in the inner dimension, so it is inevitable to keep your eyes closed.

2 The stomach should be empty
While practicing yoga-asanas, your stomach should be empty as well as your intestines should be empty. If you want your energies to flow upwards, they must come out of the body, which is not the body. Yoga exercises are not an exercise, it is a way to reorganize your body and rebuild yourself as you wish. There should be nothing left but the body to allow that to happen.

To be in yoga is to be in partnership with the Creator Himself — you cannot do it entirely on your own; But, you can create the right environment for them to do the necessary work. When you were first built, it was not your choice; That was due to hereditary memory. But now you are trying to rebuild yourself one step at a time – just the way you want to be.

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To be in partnership with the source of creation is to mingle with the vast intelligence — an intelligence that you cannot even imagine possible. If this is to be the case, there should be no interruptions खाना both the food you eat or the feces your body produces, both of which must be excreted.

3 It is best to take a cold bath
Before starting your exercise, it is best to take a dip in water at a temperature of 5-6 degrees below room temperature or pour water on the body. If you do this, the pores between the skin cells will open, which is indispensable for yoga practice, because we want to make the structure of the cells in the body full of energy of very different dimensions. This is also the reason why one person looks more alive than another. When the structure of cells is full of energy, it stays energetic for a very long time.

4 Sukham Sthiram Asanam
The Yoga Sutra says: Sukham sthiram asanam. The purpose of practicing yoga asanas is to reach a state where your asanas are comfortable and stable. In that case, no matter how many hours you sit, your body stays in the same position without any disturbance inside. And, in this case, your perception is increasing.

It doesn’t matter if you do yoga daily or twice a week. We want to refine the body in this way, so that we can give it a new shape. Therefore, as much time as you have to do the necessary work on yourself, you should dedicate as much time to it.

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The body is only clay. The structure of your deeds cooks it and it becomes solid. The memory thus established is called karma. It is because of this store of memory that things at the level of body and mind become solidified. We are trying to reverse that. The goal of doing yoga asanas is to work with the body so deeply that after a while it will be like raw clay again. Then, since the energies move easily, you can give it the shape you want.

5 Looking in the mirror and listening to music is harmful
You should never use a mirror or music while practicing Hatha Yoga. The practice of using mirrors comes from the gymnasium (gym), because they want to admire their body. There should be no such attitude in yoga. If you look at many yogis, their physical constitution is not like that of any other player – they look very normal. Many of them even get their bellies out, because they never look at themselves in the mirror! The most important thing for them is to go higher and higher in their inner dimension.

If you want the cooperation of the source of creation within you, your body, mind and energy need to be fully involved. When you look in the mirror, do you just look at yourself? No You see everyone else, don’t you? The most important thing is to focus your mind while practicing asanas.

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In order to practice ancient yoga, your body, mind, energy and conscience must be especially involved. Unless you are 100% involved, the source of creation, which we often call divine, cannot accompany you. If you hesitate or become distracted, divinity will not be available to you.

6 Do not speak while practicing

Helps to stay in the vehicle. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The position that is most comfortable and stable is your posture. When your body is at rest, your mind is at rest, and your energies are fully energized and balanced. Then, if you just sit there, you will automatically reach the state of meditation. Yoga-asanas are just the beginning step for staying naturally meditative.

Thus, if you speak, many things change dramatically, not only in the body but also in the level of energy. Therefore, not speaking while practicing yoga-asanas is not just a standard – it is a rule. You should never speak while sitting in any posture, because your attention, breathing and what is happening in your energy system are all very important भने if you speak, the whole system is disturbed. If You Want to Speak, Please Do Not Practice Asanas — Instead, Do Jogging with Others!

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