While entertaining in Muktinath

It’s a joy to be with family, to have peace of mind when everyone is together. However, it does have some limitations and conditions. There is no such thing as freedom to roam alone. The pleasure of leaving home as a lone traveler is different.

This year’s Corona and subsequent lockdowns did not go unnoticed. What is the obligation to stay indoors? Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally rather than financially or socially. Now the Corona panic has subsided and public life is returning to normal. It was planned to go around now.

Go for a walk But, where? Unexpectedly escaped from the mouth, Muktinath.

He had gone to Muktinath about four years ago. Family members were also present. We traveled in a jeep. This time it was decided to go on a motorcycle to have a different experience. The next day the Royal Infrared bike was also found and so it was made his vehicle. Although I came to ride a bike, I did not have the experience of a long journey. On top of that, I didn’t have the experience of running a Royal Infield. I made my brother a driver. However, it was difficult to reach Kalanki. I wanted to ride my own bike.

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The first day was our destination, Baglung. So we got on the road without any confusion. I didn’t feel particularly tired until I reached Baglung. After dinner we remembered the journey to Muktinath and did not know how fast we fell asleep.

After waking up in the morning and getting fresh, the second day’s journey began. On the way, we visited Galeshwar Dham. The geographical structure of this religiously important shrine is also amazing.

Galeshwar Dham, located in Beni Municipality-9 of Myagdi, is known as a supernatural powerhouse. Galeshwar Dham, which is considered to be very important from religious, historical and mythological point of view, is situated at the holy confluence of Rahu river and Kaligandaki. Situated on the same giant chakrashila, spread over an area of ​​nine ropanis, the never-drying pond and trees in the center of this rock make it amazing.

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According to the Shrimadbhagavata Purana, Lord Mahadev was carrying the dead body of Goddess Sati on his way to the Himalayas on the banks of the river Krishnagand.

Located three kilometers north of Benibazar, this gate is also known as Muktinath entrance. After visiting Galeshwar temple, we started walking towards Muktinath. Going back to the past and now the structure of the road is not much different. The road was not good in the past. Even now it was not very fast. But, we didn’t have much to do with the road. Difficult or easy, we had to push. It was a new experience.

That day we arrived in the evening, Muktinath.

There were not many passengers on the road. I wondered why there were not so many passengers. However, it was only after arriving at the Muktinath Hotel that I realized that traveling by bike would be very risky this season. If there is snow on the road, there is no choice. The hotel staff was frightened when they talked about the risk.

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Muktinath is different from what I saw four years ago. There is good provision of food and accommodation in this area.

There was no such crowd when visiting Muktinath temple this time. After visiting the temple for a while, we returned. I felt very happy when I stepped on this sacred soil. It was as if all the burdens of the mind were thrown away at once. Life is light, heart is healed.

After visiting the temple, we came back to the hotel and had tea and breakfast. In the same way, planning to visit Upper Mustang and Manang, we kept shortening the road to Kathmandu.


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