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Which Value Is Equal To 5 of 1500?

You can determine the value in two ways. Here I have given by the conversion of percent either into fraction or decimal. You can choose any one of the following which you feel is convenient.

Method 1: In terms of Fraction

5% of 1500


= 1201500

= 75

Step-wise Explanation

Step 1: Convert 5% into fraction which is 5100.

5% =5100

Step 2: Reduce the fraction 5100 into its simplest form which is 120.

5100= 120

Step 3: Now, divide 1500 by 20.

1500 20

Therefore, 5% of 1500 is 75.

Method 2: In terms of Decimal

5% of 1500

= 51001500

= 0.05 1500

= 75

Step-wise Explanation

Step 1: Convert the fraction 5100 into decimal which is 0.05.

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5100= 0.05

Step 2: Multiply the decimal 0.05 with 1500.

0.05 1500 = 75

Therefore, 5% of 1500 is 75.

Terminology Used Above


Fraction is basically a part of a whole or a group. For example,

There are a total of 13 electric bulbs.

8 out of 13 are defective, that means the fraction of defective electric bulb is eight-thirteenth ( 813).

5 out of 13 are normal, that means the fraction of normal electric bulb is five-thirteenth (513).

Fraction consists of two parts, numerator and denominator. The one on the top is the numerator and the one on the bottom is the denominator. For example, The fraction 2/5 means two pieces of a whole quantity divided into five equally sized parts. Here 2 is the numerator and 5 is the denominator. Numerator indicates part of a whole quantity whereas denominator indicates the whole quantity.

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Types of Fraction

  • Unit fractions

Fractions containing 1 as numerator are known as unit fractions. For example, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, etc.

  • Proper fractions

Fractions that consist of the numerator less than the denominator are known as proper fractions. For example, 2/3, 5/9, 16/55, etc.

  • Improper fractions

Fractions that consist of the numerator greater than or equal to the denominator are known as improper fractions. For example, 2/2, 5/3, 7/5, 11/5, etc.

  • Mixed fractions

Fractions that consist of a whole number including a proper fraction are known as mixed fractions. For example, 335, 257, 3910,etc.

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Mathematically, percentage is a number or ratio expressed as hundredth parts of a quantity. It is symbolized by the sign ‘%’. It has no unit of measurement as it is a pure number. 1% represents 1100 as a fraction. It means 1 out of 100. For example, 60% of the total number of students are girls means there are 60 girls out of every 100 students. Similarly, 10% of 2000 smartphones refer to 10/100 of 2000 smartphones which is equal to 200 smartphones. Thus, 100 percent represents the whole of a given quantity.

Besides, I hope it made it a lot easier to understand in terms of mathematics. I recommend you to read it properly and make use of it in your maths.

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