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Which of the following statements relating to stress is false?

  • Stress is caused by a wide variety of factors.
  • Stress causes an automatic physiological response in organisms.
  • Stress is always unhealthy and should be avoided.
  • Stress can affect the mind and the body.

The above statement ‘Stress is always unhealthy and should be avoided.’ is false concerning stress. Stress is a normal human response caused by changes in the physical, emotional, and psychological strain. It can either be acute or chronic based on period of time. Various things like the economy, prosperity, jobs, relationships, loneliness, etc. can cause stress.

However, the source can differ from person to person. For example, one can easily feel frustrated and angry in a line for covid vaccines. While the other in the same line can relax and get a little inconvenient. Most of us have negative experiences with stress in different circumstances.

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It makes us mentally retarded. You can’t avoid being stressed out.

Nevertheless, stress is beneficial depending upon how you perceive the situation. It can make a difference. Stress can bring you motivation, enthusiasm, satisfaction, and well-being. Such positive stress with health benefits is called eustress. It helps you to build confidence and boost your physical, emotional, and psychological aspects.

For instance, when you set goals and missions in things you are passionate about, you do it without any hesitation. In the process, you make mistakes, learn from them, and experience growth. Similarly, getting promoted in your field of expertise can motivate you to push harder. Though it comes with greater responsibilities, increased working hours, handling more pressure, etc. Thus, it’s better to put your stress into positive form though you experience negative stress.

Stress can activate the body’s reflex in response to threat or danger. When you are under stress, your body releases hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. As a consequence, it affects the nervous system that controls respiration, heart rate, digestion, blood circulation. And hence it leads to ‘fight or flight response’ which is essential during dangerous threats and situations. These responses can trigger acute stress. In such cases, you either fight against it or flee away that threatens your life. Automatically, you’ll keep yourself alert and be aware of dangers.

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Severe stress can cause critical health issues. It depends on the stress level. Depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, diarrhea, high blood pressure, etc. are some of them. So, it’s necessary to get diagnosed by a doctor for stress relief. By evaluating your symptoms caused by stress, the healthcare provider treats you accordingly. If you are suffering from diarrhea resulting from stress. It can be diagnosed and treated.

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As there goes a phrase ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ It’s better to learn preventive measures before your stress becomes chronic. Some tips to relieve you from your stress include:

  • Focus on positive thinking and gratitude
  • Be consistent on physical exercise
  • Meditation and therapy is a must
  • Make a proper balanced and healthy diet plan
  • Invest some of your time in your passion and interests
  • Engage yourself in social activities and connect with people
  • Maintain your sleeping time and hour (8hrs)

To sum up, it’s okay to be stressed out. It’s common and natural. Physical, emotional, and psychological behaviors can be affected due to chronic stress. Even so, proper management and strategies can be done for stress relief and treatment.

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