When can Nepali students come to Australia?

About 5,000 Nepali students are enrolled in various universities and colleges in Australia and are studying online from Nepal and paying fees in dollars. Apart from that, if you look at the interest and interest of those who want to come, it can reach half a million.

Nepali students who have not been able to come to Australia even after getting visa for a long time are waiting for the government decision.

In such a situation, according to the policy of the Australian government, the date by which Nepali students can come to Australia has become a matter of concern for many.

In this case, we researched the policy of Nepali educational consultants in Australia, Nepali missions and the Australian government. The Australian Central Government has decided to open the international border and resume traffic from next November.

Along with this, from November 1, parents and students with foreign citizenship will be able to leave Australia and apply for admission.

New South Wales Consul General Deepak Khadka said that even though entry to Australia is easy from November, there is a possibility of bringing it with the health criteria for Nepali students studying online after getting the entry permit from December.

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Consul General Khadka said that he became more enthusiastic after meeting NSW Premier Dominic Perotet last year. During the meeting, Khadka said Premier Dominic said international students were a priority for the state government and that they were working to bring them to Australia as soon as possible.

“While bringing in international students, Minister Dominic has stated that there are plans to bring in new students on a first-come, first-served basis and then study online, and only then,” said Khadka.

Khadka also thanked Liberal leader David Coleman and others for facilitating the vaccine issue in recent meetings.

“We have argued that students in Nepal who have been vaccinated against Australian standards should be recognized, they have readily accepted,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bhupal Sitaula, president of the Australian Education Consultants Alliance (EKA), said that even though the Australian border has been open since November, the movement of students will be smooth from the new year.

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“Even if it starts in November, it will give priority to the students who are studying online at the beginning. However, it is not yet clear how Nepal’s vaccine card will be recognized. It may take a few days for different states to make their health policies and quarantine methods public, ‘said Bhupal.

Educational consultant Hari Pokharel says this should be taken as a positive message.

At a time when the Corona epidemic is shaking the world, the Australian government’s plans to bring in safe international students are welcome. The main thing is that each state has different policy rules, so the issue of what kind of health regulation should be considered has not been resolved yet, so it may take a few days, ‘he said.

Drupada Sapkota, Charg d’Affaires of the Nepalese Embassy in Australia, said that the recent decision of the Australian Government has come forward in a positive manner and added that there is a possibility of students coming to Australia from the end of the year or New Year.

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“It simply came to our notice then. But after the decision to open the border and the smooth flow of traffic, an agreement has been reached to bring in international students as a matter of priority, ”said Charg राजद d’Affaires Sapkota to Sethopati.

Australia has only recognized the Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and Mordena vaccines. But last year the Australian government agreed to recognize Indian and Chinese vaccines, paving the way for millions of international students stranded abroad.

Deepak Khanal, director of Kingston Institute Australia, who is involved in the educational business, says the government’s latest move has brought some relief to the education industry.

‘Since March last year, the condition of educational institutions has become extremely critical due to the closed international border. Now the government’s decision to open the border and recognize Chinese and Indian vaccines has raised eyebrows, “he said.

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