What’s not to like about Koshi Tappu: From the island of Sri Lanka to the wildlife fair

Kanchan Himali Takura, steep Lekali settlement, stunning waterfalls, Tilpil water reservoir captivate our eyes. Whenever we think of escaping from an annoying moment and wandering in a beautiful place, then we are attracted by such geography.

Sometimes we are planning to travel to the mountains to enjoy nature, sometimes to the Lekali Bhanjyangs. Sometimes of flat fields, sometimes of endless beaches. Of course, our country is not touched by the sea. So in order to enjoy watching the waves in the setting sun, we have to go to Goa or a similar destination. Every year thousands of Nepalis visit Goa or Thailand to see the beauty of the sea.

After all, the ever-expanding surface of water fascinates man. At sunrise or sunset, when the shadow of the golden sun appears on that surface, the mind becomes green.

To see such a scene, we don’t have to go to Goa, we don’t have to fly to Bangkok. Koshi Tappu can completely eliminate this taste.

What is not in Koshi?

The same form of seven koshi, saptakoshi. The major rivers flowing in the country are Tamor, Arun, Dudhkoshi, Tamakoshi, Sunkoshi, Likhu and Indravati. This huge reservoir is a special attraction of this region.

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It is fun to enjoy the beauty of the reservoir by tasting the native fish in the twilight evening. The sight of fish riding on rocks and fishing nets is also very captivating.

Huge reservoir, sand spreading forever. Once here, you can experience the beach. For those who are interested in wildlife, this is the paradise. Koshi Tappu has provided safe and warm shelter to hundreds of wildlife.

Amazing island of Sri Lanka

Many may not know, our country also has an island. However, those who observe the seropher of Koshi Tappu easily know that there is an island here too. Strangely enough, the island is called Sri Lanka Island.

The island is a flat land surrounded by the main stream of Saptakoshi. It is between Sunsari and Udaipur. The Sri Lankan island is spread over five wards in Sunsari and Udaipur.

It is difficult to reach the island by car or on foot in the snow. Other times you have to depend on the boat. Three thousand families live here.

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The National Bird Festival is also celebrated here. Migratory birds come here from Siberia. . It is also a good sanctuary for rare vultures, dolphins, endangered erna (wild buffalo). Similarly, 20 kinds of different wild animals are found in this area, deer, nilgai, bundel, dragon etc. A bird called Swam Pastries, which is not found anywhere else in the world, can be seen in Koshi Tappu.

Even the world’s rarest birds are found in Koshi Tappu. About 500 species of birds are said to be found here. Including the river, its reserve area is spread over 175 square kilometers.

The area was listed as a Ramsar site in 1987. Koti Tappu Wildlife Sanctuary is the first large Ramsar site in Nepal.

Uncut diamond

Whether for hiking or off-road biking, this area can be useful. Fishing and water sports also have great potential here. There are natural attractions like Koshi Dam, huge reservoir, wildlife, wetland. Apart from that, there is enough potential to attract tourists from other types of infrastructure as well.

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With easy road access and easy access from any corner of Nepal, Koshi Tappu can be a popular tourist destination.

Of course, Tharu community homestay has also been started here now. It is said that the homestay has been brought into operation especially targeting the tourists visiting the reserve and the surrounding religious places. The attraction of rafting on Saptakoshi river has also been added.

Koshi Tappu is actually the remaining diamond to be carved. Despite the potential for tourism development, the region is obscured by natural connoisseurs. It is ironic that tourists from home and abroad do not reach Koshi Tappu. It is unfortunate for us not to be able to build infrastructure for tourism development.

The agreement with India for Koshi Dam has also hampered the tourism development in the region. That’s why if someone is asked where to go, they will rarely say, ‘Ah, Koshi Tappu!’


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