What should the stairs of the house look like according to the architecture?

Architecture dictates the overall layout of a home. What kind of soil to build a house, which direction to turn the face, in which direction to build the bedroom, how many windows and doors, etc.

According to architecture, building a house is believed to be auspicious at home. In fact, architecture is a science in itself, which provides drawings for building reliable, comfortable, convenient homes.

When building a house according to architectural science, the house becomes sunny, there is enough air to play, the house becomes strong, it is easy to live inside the house. Architectural science has decided what kind of windows and doors to make in the house, in which direction and what kind of ladder to place.

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Building a ladder on the south-west side of the house is an ideal option. It should be noted that the stairs should start from the north and end in the south. Alternatively, it may start in the east and end in the west.

According to architecture, it is not advisable to have a ladder in the middle of the house. In the same way, a ladder built inside a house should not start from the kitchen room, store room or worship room.

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The ladder is continuous from one floor to another. However, the ladder from the first floor to the third and fourth floor should not be continuous.

It is also considered correct to have a door at the beginning and end of the ladder. Another thing to keep in mind when making a ladder is that the ladder should always be turned clockwise. In architecture, going counterclockwise is not considered appropriate.

A ladder can be made to the southeast, which should face east. North-west which should face west.

According to Vastu Shastra, square and rectangular stairs bent from right angle are considered to be the best. Stairs are not very high or vertical. The number of steps on the stairs should be odd i.e. 15, 17, 21.

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Numbers should never be completed in zero. That is, there should not be 10 or 20 steps.

The stairs should be easy. There should be no risk of getting tired or fighting while walking. Must be able to walk easily.

Stairs should be 4 inches to 7.75 inches high. While the length of the thread should be between 10 to 11.25 meters.

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