What is there in Europe? Where Nepali youth put their lives in danger

“I have faced death many times while crossing the Croatian border into Slovenia. I have been drinking frozen water in Khaldakhuldi since I almost stopped breathing due to thirst. I have slept with tears in my eyes for many nights’, he was saying about the sorrow of entering Europe, ‘the terror of wild animals is the same, even when I remember it, my heart is pounding.’

Her travel experience made me emotional many times. Although he came to Europe with many sorrows, his sorrow did not end. He had to come to Portugal via Italy, Spain and France.

He is Dayaram Thapa of Lamjung. During my stay in Italy for a few days, I ran out of money. The broker asked for money from the house to enter France. Even if money was sent from Nepal, it was not easy to enter France.

Exhausted by the Corona Hour, every European country tightened its borders. Even then, it was like squeezing an iron fist for immigrants to enter another country illegally.

“After coming to Italy, we followed the African and sometimes Pakistani brokers to find a way to enter France. “Sometimes we climbed the hill, sometimes we tried to cross the border by sneaking in containers,” he said. Some of our earlier friends were met and returned by the French police. We wanted to deceive the police as much as possible. ‘

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He added: “One day, in the midst of this hiding, luck or misfortune, brokers broke into the container to cross the Italian border, but there was no option but to face death again.” Fear that the container driver will know when he makes a noise. You can’t even cough. Even when I remember how we passed that time without wind, I feel anxious. The journey from Paris to Lisbon was relatively easy. Because the borders of France, Spain and Portugal were a bit loose.

Fear comes when I remember. There are many people who are unable to walk while traveling in this way and fall ill. How many deaths on the way. How many are robbed. If someone is sick or injured, there is no alternative but to leave. This is a journey to take death with it.

Listening to him, it seemed that there would be no flow of life for those who travel like that. His story of traveling with his life in the dream of a beautiful future is painful.

The jungles of Nicaragua and Honduras, the seas of Colombia, and the border with Mexico have all been wiped out in the name of invading Europe and the United States. Many have fallen prey to looters and terrorists trying to cross the Iran-Iraq border into Europe.

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He is said to be running a pharmacy business in Nepal. The monthly income will be 60-70 thousand. The family of three is doing well. He had come to Europe illegally through greed to earn more quickly. “I would not have wanted to come to Europe if I had known I was suffering,” he said. Even after coming, the misery is the same, earning less! It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. ”

Many compassionate people who have fled to Europe and America with unlimited dreams carrying the burden of depression and pain are becoming the objects of mercy. In the streets of New York and Boston, and in the parks of Europe, and in the squares of Australia, many unknowingly kind people are laughing artificially.

I have not heard many stories of Nepalese, Bangladeshis and Indians who have entered Europe in the parks of Portugal daily carrying similar packs of pain and suffering.

The question is, why do young people want to go abroad while living a good life in the country? What is the reason for underestimating the opportunities of taste and looking abroad?

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Dayaram says, “If we had worked so hard in Nepal, life would have been happier.” The ghosts of foreign lands haunted me. In fact, I still don’t feel like living here. However, he could not return due to family pressure. Because, everyone is unable to repay the family loan.

He is unhappy that he has to spend the energetic time of his life working abroad. Age, passion, vitality and sweat are forced to return to the country in old age. When will prosperity come by making the country an old age home?

Many Nepalis who come to Europe due to different countries, cultures, languages ​​and environments also have mental problems. Some are committing suicide here. Physically, Europe and America may be developed, but here it has its own sorrows.

Many Nepalis living abroad are now regretting not seeing the beautiful opportunities at home. There is no point in coming abroad to work at the risk of one’s life.

As beautiful as Europe and America look from Nepal, the special situation here is not like that. So let’s struggle at home as much as possible.

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