What is the difference between allergy, flu and corona? You can find out for yourself

Even now, if any of us have a common cold or cough, we start to fear him thinking it is an infection of Korana. However, instead of being scared in this situation, one should focus on understanding the difference between flu, allergy and corona infection.

In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish between these three patients. Only you, as the parent can know for sure.

Pay attention to the symptoms

Most allergies and influenza are seasonal. If you have a runny nose in the spring, you may have an allergy.

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If you have a cold or cough in winter, it may be a symptom of the flu.

However, if the weather is a bit hot or hot and you have flu-like symptoms, it should not be dismissed as just flu, as it can also be corona.

Does the corona end in summer?

Influenza usually dies in the summer. Scientists are working to gather evidence that the corona virus could die at high temperatures. Corona has infected people even in equatorial countries like Singapore where high temperatures occur.

This is how it can be found

Doctors say that you should pay more attention to the side that worsens the symptoms. Allergies caused by allergies remain the same until treated.

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Flu symptoms go away on their own in a week. However, the symptoms of Covid-19 are becoming more severe than those of the common flu, and the death toll is much higher.

Senior citizens, heart patients or diabetics should be especially careful.

Most people in China had a dry cough and fever

In China, more than 56,000 corona-positive patients developed symptoms such as dry cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, and fever.

About 5 percent of the patients had symptoms of body aches and vomiting. Zero point 4 percent of the patients had diarrhea.

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Lung infections and pneumonia

Symptoms such as sores and pneumonia appear in the lungs during severe infections. However, most patients with corona had the same flu-like symptoms.

A great way to tell the difference between a flu and a corona is to have a travel history of your infected area and an infection.

You will be able to recover in about two weeks after having a corona infection. Severe illnesses can be cured in three to six weeks.

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