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What Are The Requirements For Having A Family Pact Card?

family pact card

If you are a low-income earner and living in California, then you can become an integral part of the family pact program. This program is intended and regulated by the California government. It works for the men and women of low-income groups to provide them with free family planning services. Also, this includes guidance for the birth control methods and other important management. In this program, you will get everything that is needed to ensure reproductive health. You can become a registered client with this program by having a family pact card.

Who can apply for the family pact program?

There are some eligibility conditions that you must fulfill. If you are not meeting any one of the following conditions, you cannot be a part of it. So, look carefully at the points below to know whether you are qualified for the program or not.

  • You must be a permanent resident of California State.
  • Your income must fall under the federal poverty guideline, which is below 200 percent.
  • You must not have any prior family planning insurance to become a registered beneficiary under the family pact.
  • You must have needed family planning services.
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You must not enroll in this program if you have any other medical insurance that includes family planning. If you are qualified for the program, you must visit your nearest urgent care facility. The front desk staff will help you to know about the program and tell you how to apply for.

The application process for the family pact program

The process for obtaining your family pact card is really simple. For this, you simply need to consult with the related service provider in the urgent clinic. The staff will ask you some queries to ensure you are a good candidate for this program. Then you will be provided a client eligibility certification form. You have to clearly mention the information asked in the CEC form. You can even get help from the front desk staff in case you do not understand a point. By filling and presenting the form, you can become a qualified patient under the family pact program the same day.

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Once you become a family pact customer, you will be eligible for the benefits applicable. You will be able to get free of cost family planning service. You can get birth control pills, condoms, medicines, and all for free. This benefit will remain for the entire year unless your income is improved. However, your service provider will ask if anything is changed in your income.

More benefits to consider with a family pact card are listed below:

  • You will get pregnancy tests and counseling for free.
  • You will get treatment and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. This benefit is applicable to both males and females.
  • You will get free counseling about birth control techniques.
  • You will get treatment for vaginal infections and problems. Urinary tract infections are also covered under the family pact program.
  • You will get free testing for HIV.
  • Visit the urgent care clinic for free reproductive health check-ups.
  • Get free contraceptive pills and NuvaRing for controlling pregnancy.
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To sum up

Getting a family pact card would indicate you as a registered beneficiary of the program. This program is only applicable in the State of California. So, you must be a resident of this state only. Moreover, you must comply with the eligibility requirements to be a part of this program. This is a really beneficial service for family planning. You can avail yourself at an urgent care center.

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