What are the benefits of hymenoplasty surgery?


Usually,Hymenoplasty in Ludhiana is available in Kyra clinic because its preference in Punjab is enhancing day by day. If we consider hymenoplasty then it is also known as vaginal tissue. This is however a temporary, out-patient, plastic surgery to repair, reconstruct or construct a female’s hymen.The hymen is a diluted, flesh-colored membrane made of tissue that covers the opening of the vulva. This hymen saves the vulva from dirt and bacterial infection. In a hymenoplasty surgery, the torn skin around the edges of the hymen is eliminated away. The remaining tissues are stitched together, with only a minor hole. With this, the hymenal ring regains its volume and shape.

As female ages, in games or some other activity like cycling, or when anyone is sexually active before marriage, the hymen starts to wear out. It breaks and most female does not note this thing in most cases. But at the time of the wedding, this can become the biggest problem, especially in traditional societies. In such cases and where females are subject to sexual crimes, hymenoplasty is one such plastic surgical process to claim oneself. Apart from this, some cultures connect an imperforated hymen with chastity. It is then that women can choose the hymen repair before marriage.

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Although, not just this section of females, a whole lot of females are growing opting for such treatment either because of health reasons or purely to enhance their sex life. Women who are active in games, who have been sexually active before marriage, those who seek a perfect body, or who desire to simply enjoy a better sex life often choose such a process. It helps gain pre-delivery tightness in the vulva following normal deliveries.

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This hymen repaired surgery is done by laser. Often, it is a permanent treatment where the hymen is restored to its earlier state namely before it was stretched, worn, or torn. It is a minimally-invasive treatment that leaves no scars of treatment.

The recovery period of a hymenoplasty in Ludhiana

A hymenoplasty treatment in Ludhiana is an outpatient process, done by an expert cosmetic surgeon under local anesthesia. A female usually feels young again after such a surgery.It takes a maximum of two hours to perform the treatment, depending on the required repairs. After a few time of stay in the hospital, the patient is discharged. Generally, the hymen repair recovery time is six weeks, with certain care to be followed during this time.

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Some of the precautions to follow are:

  • Avoid sexual activity for up to eight weeks.
  • Engage in only light to moderate activities 10 days after treatment.
  • The genital area should be kept clean and prescribed medicines should be taken to prevent infection.
  • You can use warm compresses and ice packs to ease pain and swelling.


Now that you know the advantages of hymenoplasty as well as post-surgery recovery time, you can be thinking of hymen repair treatment. So visit our online website and contact our expert surgeons.

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