Weekend collection of ‘Suryavanshi’ in Nepal is over 25 million

Bollywood movie ‘Suyamvanshi’ has made an aggressive opening at the Nepali box office. Although the government has allowed halls across the country to operate at 50 percent occupancy, the pressure of spectators is high on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

According to Manoj Rathi, the distributor of the film, the film has collected over 25 million at the Nepali box office in three days. Manoj said, “If it had been released under normal circumstances, it would have made a better collection. But in the current situation, it’s a bumper opening. ”

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However, he said that if the Nepali movies that the viewers have been waiting for come now, there are signs of bumper business. According to Rathi, the contribution of multiplexes in the movie business is high. At the same time, many single halls across the country are now closed. Rathi said that even though the trade inside Kathmandu is higher than outside, there is not much difference in comparison.

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Rathi hoped that the film would collect over 40 million rupees from Nepal. Directed by Rohit Sethi, the film stars Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Ajay Deggan and Ranbir Kapoor in lead roles. The film has grossed Rs 900 crore at the Indian box office till Monday.


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