Want to trick out your gaming rig? You can get a CPU cooler with a six-inch HD screen – but it’ll cost you

We’re used to seeing bedazzled and tricked out best gaming PCs, like gorgeous cases with side glass panels that show off the innards, RGB-lit processors and graphics cards with top-tier cable management, liquid cooling systems that look pulled straight from a sci-fi movie, and more.

But this CPU cooler called the Lamptron ST060 is guaranteed to outclass anything you’ve ever seen, as it’s outfitted with a six-inch HD screen on the socket. The screen is handy for displaying either video or data from motherboard sensors. The latter, however, will most likely require a subscription if you’re using AIDA64. And this is on top of what you’ll be paying for that screen too, as the cooler retails for $300 (around £240 / AU$460). 

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