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There is no product that makes food storage simple like Mylar bags. No matter whether you are storing food items like grains for the long term or you just need a short-term solution for storing pasta, Mylar bags provide an efficient solution. Now you can buy a high-quality gusset Mylar bag that comes in different sizes and has 7 mils thickness. The best place to buy these products is the Wallaby online store.

Wallaby is a well-known supplier of high-quality Mylar bags online. They offer an innovative and high-quality solution for food storage for a variety of needs. On their website, you can find affordable Mylar bags with some of the best reviews on the Internet. Most of their products have an above-average rating. 99% of their customers have provided 5-star ratings for their products.

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Wallaby is a certified and recognized supplier of Mylar bags with FDA certification for all their products. In addition to this, their products offer the safest food solutions in the market because of their BPA-free rating. Apart from this, we have mentioned a few key qualities of these bags that will make the deal for you:

  • Thickness: When purchasing 1 gallon Mylar bags, it’s always recommended to buy a bag with a minimum thickness of 5 mils. At Wallaby, Mylar bags are available with an impressive thickness of 7 mils that increases the life of food inside. With this kind of quality, you can expect to store food for more than 35 – 40 years in the bag.
  • Reusability: Mylar bags are known for their reusability. The products available at Wallaby come with special zip styled design to make sure you can use them for a short period of time. You can seal these bags for long term use and still reuse them after opening. This increases the functionality of these bags and makes them worth the cost.
  • Guarantee: Wallaby backs all its products with a long-term guarantee. In case you face any issues with their products, they would be happy to help you with a product replacement or an immediate refund.
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Wallaby supports all their orders with top-notch customer service. They are known for their customer-centric policies and guarantees. They offer a wide range of products like 1 gallon Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers that are available in different sizes.

So, if you are looking for a trustworthy supplier, Wallaby is the place to go.

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