How to Host a Virtual Christmas Party for Employees?

It’s the season of carols, jingle bells, and rum cake; and the perfect opportunity to escape work mode for a while. Who doesn’t like to have fun and enjoy the festivities? Get off the boss mode for a day and host a super exciting virtual Christmas Party for your employees.

Here, in this blog, we are sharing with you some appealing ideas to host a virtual party for work. Have a look.

Steps to host a virtual Christmas party for your employees

Pick the right date and time

What is the first step of planning any event? Of course, select the date and time of the event. You would want the maximum number of attendees to attend your event; hence, you would pick a date that doesn’t collide with other major events. Not only this, you would want the timings to be suitable as well.

But one thing that you should bear in mind is that it is an office event. Therefore, you should pick a date that falls on any weekday and not on the weekend. Along with it, ensure the timings of your virtual office Christmas party are suitable for all your employees. Selecting an appropriate timing becomes crucial if your organization is an MNC.

Look Out for the Best Virtual Event Platform

To ensure you roll out your plannings effectively and efficiently, select the most suitable virtual fest platform. Apart from the medium of hosting, there’s no other significant difference between virtual and physical events. Virtual events demand the same, if not more, planning and efforts as their physical counterparts. Just like physical events, online events also require a suitable venue, known as virtual event platforms.

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There are various factors that you need to consider while selecting an online meeting platform are-

  • The security of the platform; we are sure you wouldn’t want to compromise on it.
  • Audience engagement tools to keep the attendees hooked to the party.
  • Networking tools to allow attendees to connect.
  • Your budget; always.

Set Theme for Virtual Office Christmas Party

Now that you have sorted the most basic yet crucial requirements, it’s time for you to get started with the event flow. Decide the theme for your virtual Christmas party. Get a bit off-track and ditch the regular red-white theme. You can go with a Hollywood-themed party, or what about setting up your event according to the Disney theme? It will give your employees a reason to look forward to and do something unusual.

Invite Your Attendees

Keep the theme intact by designing your invitation accordingly. Get your creative side out by infusing some fascinating ways for the invitation. It is a unique virtual Christmas idea for work to set the party mood right. Designing the invitations according to the theme will give your attendees an idea about how your celebrations will look. Also, make sure you roll out the invites a few days before the party so that the attendees have their schedules planned accordingly.

Don’t forget to attach a party agenda with the invitation. Include rules, timings, and guidelines to ensure a smooth flow of the party.

Keep Reminding Them

The only way to keep your attendees excited about the virtual Christmas party is by keeping reminding them. Keep dropping in reminders a few days before the party so that your attendees don’t forget about it. To make sure they stay excited about the party, plan a surprise and drop hints through the reminders. You can either use google calendar for it or take it to your social media platforms. This idea will keep your attendees on their toes, and they wouldn’t want to miss out on the party.

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Stick to the Agenda and Timings

Though your employees won’t say anything if you start discussing your work between the party or exceed the party beyond office hours; but you have to understand that it is a party and is supposed to be fun. Also, it is a festive season, and your employees have a family and life beyond work. Hence, keep the party light and don’t get off-track here. Also, keep the party short and don’t stretch it unnecessarily.

Ask for Employees’ Feedback

Once done with the party, don’t forget to collect feedback from your attendees. It won’t only help you get their review but also make them feel included. Collecting post-event feedback is an excellent way to know our mistakes and the strategies that couldn’t work. This step will help you see the event from the attendees’ perspective and improve future planning. Various virtual Christmas party platforms automatically send out feedback forms to all the attendees as soon as the event gets over.

Interesting Virtual Christmas Ideas For Work

To help you make your virtual office Christmas party an event to remember, here we are sharing with you some interesting virtual Christmas ideas for work-

Watch Movies Together, not literally

How about enjoying movies with your employees this Christmas? I mean, can you think of any better idea than snuggling in your blankets with a bucket of popcorn and watching some nice movie with your friends? Select a movie with a high rating, or you can also conduct a live poll to make a choice. The idea is to go with the one that maximum people enjoy.

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Be Your Employees’ Santa

Christmas is all about Santa and gifts. Legends have it that Santa flies on his magic sleigh and distributes presents to people. We don’t know if it is true or not, but it, indeed, has a lot of emotions attached to it. Get dressed up and be the Santa for your employees this Christmas. Not only would it make your celebrations more authentic but your employees would also be surprised by seeing their boss like this. You can send out gifts in advance to your employees beforehand or send out virtual gifts as well. Along with it, you can also host a Secret Santa activity.

Dance and Sing

Have you ever heard of any party without some catchy party numbers? No, right! Hosting a party online shouldn’t hold you back from dancing and enjoying music. You can curate a captivating playlist and dance on them with your employees. How about you host a dance competition or a dance party? You don’t have to be a dancer for this; none of your employees need to be. All you need is an efficient virtual platform, good songs, and lots of enthusiasm. Do some funny moves or groove to some iconic numbers.

These ideas can make your virtual Christmas party exciting, and your employees will remember it for the times to come. Incorporate them into your planning and make it Merry Christmas for everyone.

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