Video Conferencing Benefits and Features

The concept of video conferencing has been gaining a high prevalence in various industries. Be it the corporate world or not, conferences and meetings hold great importance for any form of business. It is so because to ensure the smooth run of the business, it is vital to organize meetings to make sure that everybody is on the same page. Not just this, but it is also significant to have clear communication without any hindrance or gap.

However, as we shift to live 2-way video conferencing, the concept comes with countless benefits and features that enable you to ensure efficient conferencing. In this blog, we have got you covered with the top benefits and features of video conferencing, that will help you gain a better understanding of the same.

Top 10 Advantages and Benefits of Video Conferencing

Let’s move ahead to explore some of the top benefits of hosting live video conferencing.

#1 Saves Time and Efforts

An on-site conference demands the management and arrangement of multiple things. However, this process does not only consume extra time but also requires extra effort and energy. Not just the time required in preparing the conference but also in travelling to the on-site venue and managing the resources. However, as you get on board with a 2-way live video conferencing platform, the process becomes seamless and easy.

#2 Saves Cost and Minimizes Expenses

Creating an official corporate conference incurs several expenses that can not be overlooked. However, moving to a live video conference brings countless benefits, including cost-saving benefits. As you come on board with excellent service, all you have to do is outline your requirements and needs. And rest is the responsibility of the service provider or the video conferencing platform you have opted for. This shift also eliminates the requirement to travel, book a physical venue, work on the design and logistics, arrange refreshments, and manage the execution process throughout the event.

#3 360-Degree Streaming

Organizing a video conference or meeting demands you to keep your attendees, participants, and audiences engaged and involved in the event throughout. The characteristic of 360-degree video streaming brings much more significance to your live video conference and improves engagement through an immersive atmosphere. Every innovative and qualified live streaming service provides you with the features of 360 streaming, ensuring profitable returns on investment and success to your event.

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#4 Improvises Communication

Many specialist reports and studies have confirmed that your attendees are more likely to process visual communication better than an audio conversation. In simpler terms, a live video conference with interactive features improvises the event by a great level. Also, specialists believe that video conferencing also advances the degree of your remote attendees’ perception. Clear communication is essential for all types of organizations and institutions as it is important to share clear information and data with all the employees, stakeholders, audience, and other members involved in a corporate video conferencing event.

#5 Reach Global Target Audience

While planning a physical conference requires excessive costs to invite global participants, a video conferencing tool makes this feasible without any trouble. Also, the pandemic has made it quite unmanageable to travel. Many significant conferences had to be cancelled, and many participants failed to attend a scheduled conference. But as you move to the concept of video conference, you get the opportunity to reach a global audience in one go.

#6 Excellent Collaboration Tools

The most effective 2-way live video conferencing service renders you with outstanding collaboration & integration features to provide your online attendees with more than just a process to see and hear a conference. It also comes with exceptional features like screen sharing, document sharing, and real-time editing. This function also enables interactivity and enhances the attendee engagement at your online event as everyone can contribute to the video conference with the help of these tools.

#7 Maximized Productivity

Video conferencing over an online video conferencing platform excludes the requirement of long-chain emails, version control concerns, document updates, and a lot more that causes mishaps, delays, and complexity. With the ability to connect in real-time, share live data, collect feedback and reports, one can easily dedicate the rest of the time for further productive activities.

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#8 Strengthens the team and Improves Relationships

Meeting with your teammates face-to-face helps in interpreting both verbal and non-verbal communication without any gaps. An immersive video version of conferencing bridges this communication gap and helps build relevant relationships in and outside the organizations. Also, with the help of innovative networking tools, it is easier to interact and connect with people from similar backgrounds and interests.

#9 Environmental Friendly

With the reduced need to travel, arrange resources, logistics, and organize other activities, all the attendees’ carbon footprint gets reduced. Adapting to greener business practices and activities has not only minimized carbon emissions but also saved resources, which accounts for the win-win situation for all organizations and companies hosting live video conferences.

#10 Event Analytics and Reports

Through an advanced live video conferencing platform, you get the opportunity to acquire valuable conference analytics, data, and reports. With numerous features like attendee footprinting, feedback, document access, etc., you can examine the efficacy of your video conference plans, strategizes, features, content, agenda, and all other aspects and improve your future events.

Top 5 Features of Video Conferencing

Mentioned below are the top features that any video conferencing event must include.

#1 Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a vital element when hosting interactive meetings and webinars. The capability of sharing the entire screen to render your attendees a better understanding of the discussion can elevate the success prospects of your event. This feature also eases down the execution process as everybody is on the same page.

#2 Interactive Tools

Interactivity holds great importance in keeping your attendees engaged. By providing multiple interactive tools on the platform, you can ensure that your attendees feel enticed and the communication is two-way instead of one-way. An advanced video conferencing platform renders you with countless interactive tools like chat, comment, react, etc.

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#3 Unlimited Recording

Any organizer would prefer the opportunity to record the meeting and presentations to ensure that the content is available to your attendees for a longer time. The feature of unlimited recording also helps you ensure that nobody misses out on any vital meeting and conference. Most advanced video conferencing platforms offer the features of easy recording, unlimited cloud storage when required, and seamless sharing capabilities. Also, the recorded meeting or conference can be easily shared with multiple participants.

#4 Branding Features

Hosting video conferencing with an advanced platform also provides you with branding features. Beginning from the screen background to the company logos, there are various ways in which branding features can be utilized to enhance the value at your meeting. While providing any form of content to your attendees, branding can play a vital role. Branding features can also make your platform look professional.

#5 Event Reports and Analytics

An efficient and advanced video conferencing platform service renders you with a comprehensive venue that tracks all the event details. And, by the end of the meeting, the platform provides you with a proper and comprehensive video conference or meeting report. With the help of these analytics, you can easily comprehend the efficacy of your event strategies, elements, tools, sessions, and content. Not just this, but this data can also help you in planning your future video conferencing by understanding what is working the best for your attendees as well as the event as a whole.

The first step to hosting a successful video conference is choosing a service provider or live video conferencing platform that suits you the best. Therefore, go ahead & choose a platform that renders you with all the requisite features and tools and ensures a successful video conference.

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