Vaccination against polio begins in Afghanistan

A Taliban-led vaccination campaign against polio has been launched in Afghanistan. The four-day door-to-door vaccination campaign has started nationwide from Monday. The first phase of the campaign, launched by the Afghan Ministry of Public Health, will cover children under the age of five. It is said that the target is to vaccinate around 10 million children against polio under the door-to-door vaccination campaign program this time.

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In 2018, the Taliban banned a UN vaccine team for allegedly spying for the West. More than 3 million children in Afghanistan are said to have been deprived of the polio vaccine due to the sanctions imposed at that time.

Although polio has been eradicated from different parts of the world for decades, it is still not eradicated in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Last month, the Taliban government announced a door-to-door polio vaccination campaign.

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The Taliban’s decision was welcomed by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

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