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US fools Taliban: Meeting between US Special Envoy and Taliban Foreign Minister

Islamabad US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Thomas West has met with Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Motakwi. Khan, who is also a top Taliban leader, met the US special envoy in the Pakistani capital Islamabad.

He is said to have held talks with the US special envoy during his first foreign trip to Pakistan on behalf of the Taliban government in Afghanistan. The two met while attending a special Troika Plus meeting in Pakistan, officials said.

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A high-level Afghan delegation led by Taliban leader and Foreign Minister Motaqwi arrived in Islamabad on Wednesday evening for an official visit. A meeting of US, Chinese, Russian and Pakistani diplomats is scheduled to be held in Pakistan on Thursday. The meeting was called to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

The meeting is scheduled to be chaired by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mohammad Qureshi and National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf. Representatives of the four countries will interact with Afghanistan’s Interim Foreign Minister Amir Khan Moktawi. This is the government’s first foreign trip since Taliban insurgents seized control of Afghanistan last August and formed an interim government.

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Representatives of both countries, who are supportive and skeptical of the Taliban government, attended the meeting. Among the participants in the meeting, the United States has expressed its apprehension towards the Taliban government and has adopted a policy of non-cooperation, while China, Russia and Pakistan have been very positive and supportive towards the Taliban government.

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