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Types of Content Required for Different Stages of a B2B Sales Funnel

b2b sales funnel

B2B buying is growing similar to B2C buying with one major difference. The B2B sales funnel is longer with more distinct stages. B2B buyers spend more time in the middle stages since they’re buying something not just for themselves but for the organization. Content can play an important role in increasing conversions. That said, the content required at every stage is different. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re creating content for each stage.


The idea here is to promote the brand name and drive traffic to the website. Your buyers are in their initial stages of discovery and need to be made aware of your company and the products offered. In terms of content, you need SEO friendly blogs and articles and social engagement across platforms. You will also need landing pages for marketing campaigns centred around the SEO keywords.

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This is also known as the middle of the funnel. Your buyer has reached the website and now knows about the company. There is a certain amount of awareness and trust that has been built up and you now need to turn site visitors into genuine leads. Email marketing is important at this stage. Talk about the product the buyer has shown interest in and how it is different from others available in the market. Most B2B buyers expect information in their email inboxes. The chances of closing sales from leads nurtured in this way as much higher.


This is also known as the bottom of funnel stage. It’s where leads are converted into customers. Good website design and checkout processes are critical to this stage. You might have a great product but if the customer has to process multiple forms and steps to make a purchase, they’re likely to get frustrated and go elsewhere. In terms of content for this stage of a B2B sales funnel, you need to give buyers all the information required to make informed purchases. So, optimize your website content to make sure all product details are clearly listed as well as associated benefits. Demo videos are a great value-add at this stage. In addition to the website, these can also be posted on video sharing platforms like YouTube.

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Retaining Customers

Maintaining a customer’s loyalty is as important as drawing their attention in the first place. From an ROI point of view, it costs more to pull new customers as compared to managing relationships with customers who make repeat purchases. It’s also easier to cross-sell and upsell to existing customers. Engage with them through email marketing and social media posts. You can also publish white papers on how to use the product, it’s features and so on.

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Rather than stopping at maintaining a customer’s loyalty to your brand, you should aim at making them fans of your products. They should have enough trust in the company to advocate for it and talk about it to the people they know. After all, referral marketing is the best form of marketing. Ask for user-generated content like reviews and testimonials. You can also invite them to participate in case studies.

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A Final Word

At every stage of a B2B Sales Funnel, good content helps push a lead towards the close of the funnel and making them loyal customers. You might not be able to do this on your own, so reach out to a content creation agency and let them help optimize your content.

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