Top Best Picked Experts Tips To Decode QuickBooks Error Code 6123

QuickBooks Error Code 6123 appears on your computer screen while restoring, upgrading or opening the company file. It could also happen when there is damage in the company file you are trying to open on your device. Sometimes, the damaged Windows operating system may cause this error. Every time the error occurs, it comes up with the following error message indicating:-

 “We’re sorry, but QuickBooks can’t open your company file.”

Whenever the error occurs, it prevents the users from accessing the company file and obstructs the ongoing work. If you are wondering how to get rid of this issue, you should thoroughly read this post. Because here, you will find a step-by-step guide to fix the issue, so read it attentively. 


If you are a non-technical person and new to QuickBooks, you don’t have to worry about fixing the QuickBooks company file errors on your own. Well, in that circumstance, all you need to do is to have a one-to-one consultation with our experts. To consult our experts, you need to call us at our helpline number +1(855)-738-0359 and clarify all your doubts right away. 


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What’s the reason for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 6123?

To get rid of the QuickBooks Error Code 6123, you first need to look at the root causes for this error listed below. Read them thoroughly. 

  • It could happen due to the damaged Windows operating system.
  • Sometimes, it may trigger due to multiple QuickBooks Database Server running on your PC.
  • You might also experience this error while trying to restore the backup from online storage or via external storage device. 

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Easily Debug Error 6123 QuickBooks Using These Effective Solutions

Indeed, these company file errors are quite irritating for the users when they fail to open the company file due to QuickBooks Error Code 6123. But, if you get rid of this issue instantly just by following the best solutions to overcome this error listed below. 


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Solution 1:- Run QuickBooks File Doctor via QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Before initiating the process, ensure you have downloaded the currently released version of QuickBooks Tool Hub. Once downloaded, go through the on-screen directions attentively to complete the installation process. 
  • Go to your computer’s desktop and double-click on the icon of QuickBooks Tool Hub to open it. 
  • Next, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub and then opt for the Company File Issues tab.
  • Following this, choose the Run QuickBooks File Doctor tab.
  • Subsequently, pick your company file by clicking on the drop-down. If you won’t be able to see the option, tap on Browse to search for your computer for the file. Your company file will be seen as: [your company name].qbw.
  • After that, check your file and then choose the Continue option.
  • Thereafter, add your QuickBooks admin password and then click Continue. By doing so, the File Doctor will begin repairing your file. This process may take some time. You need to wait patiently until the process gets accomplished. 
  • Once the process of repair gets completed, pick the company file from the list. 
  • Select your company from the list when the repair is finished, then open QuickBooks.
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Solution 2:- Restoring the Company File Directly from the Hard Drive

  • Copy the (.qbb) file saved on the network, external storage, or online.
  • If the file is stored somewhere else, do not open it.
  • Afterwards, copy the file to an easily accessible location on your hard drive, preferably the computer’s desktop.
  • In the end, using this file, restore the backup.


Wrapping It Up!!

Hopefully, we assure you that by implementing the resolution methods listed above, you can easily configure QuickBooks Error Code 6123. However, if something goes wrong and you get stuck while performing the above steps while resolving the error.  In that case, you don’t have to worry anymore. Instead, contact our experts by placing a call at our helpline number +1(855)-738-0359

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