Tilman Pass: Uncut Diamond

Kathmandu. Sindhupalchowk is not a destination far from the central capital. Physical infrastructure and facilities have not yet been able to beautify the district, as the saying goes. That is why the beautiful scenery here is hidden from the eyes of many.

Tilman Pass is one of the most hidden but very charming places. Tilman Pass is considered to be one of the toughest passes in Nepal.

I have climbed many mountains. I have the experience of climbing other mountains in the world from the world’s highest Everest. Ordinary mountains are also much talked about when going abroad. However, there is no research or interest in the mountains in one’s own district. Even ordinary mountains abroad are made a source of income by branding. Visitors flock to such mountains. But, we don’t have much discussion even with so many mountains. This thing kept disturbing me inside.

We had climbed Jugal Himal last year. The excitement at the local level while climbing this mountain inspired us to take a step towards Tilman Pass.

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We climbed the Tilman Pass with the aim of making this mountain in our birthplace known to the world. The intention was to study and experience this mountain. We wondered if this mountain could have attracted domestic and foreign visitors if it had been introduced to the world.

This mountain is in the border area of ​​Sindhupalchok and Rasuwa. It was named after a British citizen named Tilman. The mountain is at an altitude of five thousand three hundred and eight meters above sea level. It’s really like an uncut diamond.

This time we went to Tilman Pass through Panchpokhari which was very much shown by the domestic tourists. Dozens of mountains including Dorjelakpa, Domalad, Ganjyapo can be seen in front of the eyes while passing Tilman Pass.

You have to cross Tilman Pass through Panchpokhari which is full of religious and natural beauty. Panchpokhari is famous for domestic tourists. But, there is a place where you can see dozens of mountains at a distance of 30 minutes from there. It has not been properly promoted. We have made this journey to recognize this. Normally this pass can be fixed from Kathmandu in two weeks.

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After passing through Kathmandu, Melamchi, Panchpokhari and Tilman, one can return to Kathmandu by passing through the Kanjen Gumba of Rasuwa. You have to make your own arrangements for food on this trip. While crossing the Tilman Pass, one can also climb Yuvapik at an altitude of 5,556 meters above sea level. No government permission is required to climb this peak.

According to Dhruv Simkhada, coordinator of the Internal Tourism Promotion and Upliftment Committee, Bagmati Pradesh, Tilman Pass is one of the oldest trekking routes in Nepal. Even though it is old, it has not been discussed as much as it should be. Despite being close to the capital, the region has not been able to attract as many tourists as it should.

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According to Simkhada, Maya Gurung, co-coordinator of the Internal Tourism Promotion and Upliftment Committee, Bagmati Pradesh, is exposing not only the Tilman Pass but also many tourist areas of Bagmati Pradesh on her own initiative. “We are on the same team now. We intend to use his experience as much as possible, ”said Simkhada.

It has not been possible to spread the message of trekking in the Bagmati region as it is said to be dark under the lights. There are many places in Bagmati Pradesh for those who have less time to travel but want to trek. Tilman Pass is one of them.

Coordinator Simkhada says, “We will now expose not only the Tilman Pass but also the tourist sites of Bagmati Pradesh in collaboration with the Tourism Board.” It requires the support and cooperation of all. ”


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