TikTok tradie exposes Sydney's 'worst' units which are newly built and the poor trade work

TikTok tradie exposes some of Australia’s ‘worst’ units and the dodgy work many new apartments are plagued with

  • A fed up mason has criticized the appalling craftsmanship in new Sydney flats
  • The tradie exposes some of the lazy work in a TikTok video that has gone viral.
  • User Monkey8u says that many apartments in the city suffer from poor workmanship

Poorly built new apartments have been called out by a frustrated bricklayer saying ‘nothing is in order and the finishing work is c**p’.

In a video posted on TikTok by Monkey8u, the tradie wanders around some newly built Sydney units displaying multiple issues.

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With a Schweppes lemonade in hand, the shopkeeper walks from room to room pointing out the trouble starting in the lobby.

He then demonstrated how the doors were crooked and discussed the overall poor workmanship in the building.

A frustrated mason has called the new poorly built apartments saying “nothing is straight and the finish job is s**t” while pointing to an unsealed shower with no grout.

A focal point of the video is a ‘finished’ bathroom with the shower unsealed and no grout on the tiles.

On TikTok, the trader exclaims: ‘New apartments in Sydney, nothing is in order and the final work is c**p’.

“Look at the workmanship, it’s just crap,” he said.

‘In the apartment nothing is straight’.

He went on to ask ‘why do people waste their money’ buying these apartments.

After pointing at the doors, which he says will rattle in the wind, he raged at the painting.

“Look at the painting, it’s as if it was done by a child,” he said.

‘They’re taking people’s money and building this shit.

This is what you get these days in Sydney.

The tile installer said the entire construction industry is in need of a makeover with numerous houses around the city being built in a similar way.

“If people want to build an apartment and take people’s money, there should be some security,” he said.

Viewers of the TikTok video were unimpressed by the poor workmanship, with several users saying they were living in similarly shoddy new apartments.

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‘This looks like my place. I live in new construction, I took out a 3M hook and it punched a hole in the drywall, the walls are like paper, it’s a joke,” one user commented.

“And they’ll rent them out for $750 a week and never fix any of the problems that come from all of that… instead they’ll take the damage bond from the tenants,” said another.

‘Nothing is right in my apartment either,’ commented a third.

‘Thank you for sharing this. People need to be aware because it’s becoming a huge problem with all the units popping up,” wrote a fourth.

It is unclear which Sydney apartment the trader was in.

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