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Tiktok’s ‘God’ applying ointment to the sad!

In a short span of time, the tick-tack craze has grown so fast in Nepal that even politicians and people on the ground are not immune from it. The bet is to capture your feelings and messages in a video of 15 seconds to 3 minutes. The use of this Chinese app is more than just entertainment. The last generation has started using Tiktok multiple times. From social service, brand promotion, information, news to entertainment, this Chinese app is being used.

Some are developing it as a social service platform. This is also the latest social trend brought by ‘Tiktok Social Service’ technology which is increasing the number of young people following it.

Givina Magar, a 24-year-old girl from Pokhara, is a representative character who is busy using Tikt0k for social benefit. His tic tac toe posts are in discussion. While most have used it as a means of entertainment, Givina has used it for social gain.

Through thousands of likes and comments, users have liked his tiktok social service. Many have even likened it to the God of Kali Yuga. Givina from Pokhara, who is also a teacher by profession, is active in social work along with teaching.

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As soon as the school holidays are over, Givina arrives to soothe the pain of the street people. She helps financially to help the poor, the needy, the sick, and the elderly. He has his own style of giving money. Which is liked by the ticket lovers. The comment coming in such a post has made him happy. Born into a normal family, she can’t sleep unless she gets social support.

From his childhood, he used to help the needy by saving money. Apart from teaching, she is now looking for the miserable and the poor. She comes live in Tiktok when she is free from work. Tiktok Live is also a platform for him to interact with his well-wishers. Some people tell him about the problem through this app and ask for help. Some of the viewers of his post also become emotional. He has four lakh followers and 21 million likes.

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Sharing her happiness with Nepal Press, Givina says, “I could not inspire anyone before. Now I have been able to inspire others by sharing from Tiktok. The rest of the time after finishing the class, I go looking for the sad one. ‘

Giving best wishes to the old lady at the present Dashain, she reached the houses of some and distributed money, food and clothes. In his Tiktok post, some users have commented, Another user says, “Bunny, with what words can I describe you, I watch all your videos.” I don’t know if tears have fallen. In my opinion, a person like you is not in this world. There are no words to describe your work. ‘

Sharing her happiness with Nepal Press, Givina says, “I could not inspire anyone before. Now I have been able to inspire others by sharing from Tiktok. The rest of the time after finishing the class, I go looking for the sad one. ‘

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She said that she was helping the elderly, the blind, those waiting for a meal, the disabled, children and the wanderers. She collects old people’s data and takes it to the old age home. So far, she has taken more than 50 elderly people to the old age home. She has also helped those in critical condition, those who have lost their mental balance and family. He also has the experience of finding the family and relatives of the homeless people he has put in the ticket.

Givina urges the society to help her when she comes to Tiktok Live. She appeals to those she meets along the way to help as much as she can. To help the needy, she has spent not only the income of Tiktok, but also the money of her own pocket. He plans to build a temple-style ashram to shelter the helpless.

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