Three Voice Design Use Cases Offering Seamless End User Experience

“Hey, Alexa, What’s the weather like today?”

Isn’t this how we all live in the modern world? We have voice assistants at our disposal to assist us in knowing everything from the weather of the day to the political situation around the world.

Voice design has drastically changed the way we interact to get the necessary information. And if you thought that voice design is only limited to non-industrial purposes, you might be in for a surprise. Voice design has now been used by several brands and industrial sectors to offer a hassle-free end-user experience. For example, an Alexa skill designer can help your brand develop a voice design that is customized to your brand and will provide an easy and fresh end-user experience.

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Now, we know that as a brand you will be very strategic about investing your money. So, to convince you to use voice design as part of your brand, we bring to you a few use cases of voice design.

Healthcare industry: Previously emergency respondents had two jobs to focus on. Firstly, providing immediate medical attention to the patient, and secondly, filling out all the paperwork. However, with voice design at their disposal, they can now eliminate paperwork and completely focus on the patient. Apart from this, several senior living homes use voice design to reduce the feeling of loneliness amongst seniors.

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Banking industry: Voice design has been heavily used in the banking sector. Users can use the voice design to get basic information such as details of their bank accounts, details about any new money-saving schemes offered by the bank, and more.

Hospitality industry: Several major hotel chains such as the Marriot use voice-enabled devices to assist their guests to get quick information.

So, if you also want to build a voice design for your brand, get in touch with Witlingo.

Witlingo is amongst the leading companies that offer the service of voice design. The team has a professional and experienced Alexa skill designer, Google assistant designer, and other developers to develop a voice design customized to your brand. They will take care of everything from start to finish. They will research, design, develop and launch the voice design for you. Previously, the company has offered its services to brands such as HP, TD Ameritrade, DreamWorks, and more. Contact Witlingo now to know more.

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Witlingo is a prominent company offering the services of voice design such as customized Google assistant development for the brand.

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