Things you must consider before taking an infrared sauna.

People follow different types of workout routines these days, including gyming, sauna, swimming, running etc. There are two types of saunas available; one is the common sauna, in which the air around you warms up, which in turn warms up your body, but there is another type of sauna as well, called infrared sauna. This sauna doesn’t heat the air but directly warms your body. Sauna is popular among the masses because it affects the body similarly to how exercise increases the heart rate and causes excessive sweating.

The best part about an infrared sauna is that it shows excellent results at low temperatures, so it is suitable for people who can’t stand high temperatures. Around 80% of the heat produced by this sauna directly heats up the human body, and 20% of it heats up the air around it.

According to studies, the sauna can help in the treatment of various diseases like dementia, high blood pressure, heart problems, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, headaches etc.

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The following points list all the things you must consider before taking a sauna:

Drink extra water

When you enter a sauna, your body should be prepared to release a lot of sweat, so if your body is not hydrated well, you can collapse because of dehydration. You can also take your water bottle with you inside the sauna room to keep drinking water. Many people suffer from the ill effects of high heat and temperatures, so such people need to stay hydrated during a sauna.

Choose the temperature

It is essential to know the temperature limit your body can handle so that you don’t get sick inside the sauna. The average range of temperature for a sauna is between 100 degrees F and 150 degrees F. If you are a beginner, you must start with the lowest temperature to gradually increase it by making your body comfortable with the heat. Taking your body to a high-temperature zone can make you sick, so it is essential to increase the temperature gradually.

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Length of time

Many beginners enter a sauna and stay there for more than half n hour because they are not aware of how much temperature their body can take. So, if you are a beginner, you must not spend more than 15 minutes in the sauna, atleast for a weak. You should let your body get used to it and then introduce more time to it gradually; otherwise, you’ll experience extreme dehydration.


People choose different clothing for the sauna; some people prefer going in with their bathing suits, while some people prefer going naked. So, it is a personal choice for people. Make sure you don’t wear your regular clothes inside a sauna as they can get drenched in sweat, and when you eventually come out of the sauna, you will catch a cold.

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Cool down

The most crucial part after taking the sauna is that you must give your body some time to cool down; otherwise, you will catch a cold because of the sudden temperature change. After your body cools down, you can take a shower, get dressed and head home. But don’t forget to drink a lot of water after taking the sauna.

The above-mentioned points list some points you must consider before taking an infrared sauna. You can find sauna rooms in your local fitness centres or search for nearby saunas on the internet. A sauna is a great way to release sweat and replenish your skin. Hence, it is becoming popular in today’s world.


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