The Top 12 Brands of Organic and Natural Skin Care Products

The Top 12 Brands of Organic and Natural Skin Care Products

The beauty industry is booming with organic and natural products. More people are becoming aware of the negative effects of conventional skincare products, and more research is being done on the harmful ingredients that they contain. In response to this, companies have started popping up all over with their versions of organic and natural skincare products. It is hard to find which products and brands are worth your money, so we’ve compiled a list for you which you can easily get online and in-stores.

Here are the top organic and cruelty-free, natural ingredient-based brands you must include in your skin and hair care hauls!


1) The Organic Pharmacy

It is a suitable choice for those that are looking to have more natural products. They use organic ingredients and do not test on animals, making this brand one of the most sought-after brands. Besides, their products are good enough to get word of mouth.


2) OSEA Malibu

Since 1994, OSEA has been committed to high-quality skincare that is free from toxins. The company was the first in America and Europe to sign on with the Environmental Working Group’s “Compact for Safe Cosmetics” pledge. They use responsibly sourced seaweed as their main ingredient because of its cleansing properties and anti-inflammatory benefits, which can help calm down redness or irritation caused by other ingredients found in many beauty products. Product favorites include Ocean Cleanser, Vitamin Sea Serum, Hyaluronic Sea Serum – all formulated without synthetic chemicals, so they’re vegan too!


3) Amala

Amala is a company that has been designed to enhance your skin. They have third-party clinical trials on every product. They are committed to making you look flawless with their powerful products, including 24K gold, pre+probiotic blend vitamins C & E, hyaluronic acid (HA), and more! You will feel the difference in your skin after just one use of this amazing line. And to your surprise, Now you can buy all of your favorite products at a lesser price by using coupons from .

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4) True Botanicals

The brand is safety certified, which means all its ingredients are natural. True Botanicals is a company with an exceptional product line-up that has been scientifically proven to be superior in quality and performance. With the extensive clinical trials they provide, it’s easy to see why True Botanicals products are so innovative! The customer favorites include their Pure Radiance Facial Oil, Hydrating Cleanser, and Vitamin C Booster Serum.


5) Osmia

In an increasingly polluted world, Osmia Organics is committed to creating safe products for their customers. Avoid using all toxic ingredients like glycols, parabens, sulfates, and more while including only high-quality organic substances such as aloe juice, probiotics; castor oil; chamomile, and green tea. They have created top-quality items that are up to 99% certified organic! The Adzuki Nourishing Mask (96%), Spot Treatment (96%) with Bulgarian rose petals, or the Royal Body Lotion made from honey hemp seed extract are some examples of what you can find in this store.


6) Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is a natural skincare brand that has been changing the beauty industry. Since 2005 with its organic and natural clinically validated skincare collection. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free, USDA certified organic and use sustainable energy sources for production while providing detailed ingredient lists on all product ranges to suit different skin types. gives you coupon codes to  buy juice beauty and all of your favorite skincare products at the lowest rates.

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7) Codex Beauty

Out of the many natural beauty brands out there, Codex is different for two reasons: their commitment to sustainability and using technology in a way that’s never been done before. This skincare line supports the microbiome with plants as medicine while giving you beneficial ingredients such as caffeine or algae extract. And with all sustainable practices such as working with local ethnobotanists to employ eco-friendly production methods—like recycling programs—Codex has us hooked!


8) RoseMira Organics

RoseMira is the perfect choice for those looking to find natural and organic skincare products. Mira Herman, the founder of this brand, has been obsessed with finding ingredients worldwide that will craft a product you can trust your health on. The fact that she’s spent years gathering these potent ingredients should tell you how seriously RoseMira takes their business! Check out some of our favorite picks: Pineapples Cream Cleanser or Rich Moisturizing Cleanser and Night Cream- but don’t just take my word for it–get yourself something (or many somethings) from this amazing company today!


9) Tata Harper

Tata Harper’s natural skincare line does not come with a hefty price tag, as it is made from eco-friendly products and sourced carefully to make sure that they are sustainable. The company provides organic goods without compromising quality or safety in its ingredients list for its customers.


10 ) PAI Skincare

Pai offers a wide range of organic and natural products for those with sensitive skin. Whether you have eczema, rosacea, or any other condition–they’ve got your back! Their Camellia & Rose Hydrating Cleanser + Cloth duo is perfect for all types of complexions- it’s gentle enough to soothe the skin while also providing soft exfoliation. They offer anti-aging serums, too, that are safe even if you’re on medication like antibiotics that can irritate delicate tissue!

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11) Farm Aesthetics

Farmaesthetics is a kind of brand that you think about when organic skin products come to mind. This line’s products are reminiscent of homegrown apothecary items and crafted with all-natural ingredients. The ingredient list on every product always consists only of simple things (simple enough for babies!), but the effectiveness can not be denied! This isn’t an ultra-potent skincare range; it just offers holistic, sustainable, natural options that work from head to toe.


12) Maya Chia

There is a new organic skincare line in town that has taken the beauty industry by storm. Maya Chia’s use chia extractions, and their products are made from only certified organic or wildcrafted ingredients to ensure your safety ! So, you must-try products include their Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Facial Oil and Eye Achiever serum. They’re packed with top-notch ingredients. Moreover, Supercritical Omega 3 chia face oil contains high-quality fat content, which will moisturize dry skin, leaving you feeling hydrated all day long. It also helps fight against aging symptoms like fine lines & dark spots.


In Conclusion

With so many brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the best skincare products. We’ve offered a list of our top 12 favorite organic and natural beauty companies. They offer quality ingredients for your skin protection needs. These are some of the amazing organic brands available easily! Which ones have you tried? Do you prefer an all-natural approach, or do you like using chemical-filled products with artificial fragrances? Tell us below in the comments section – we’d love to hear what types of things work well for your sensitive skin type! Read more such articles at Hot Fast News articles. 

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