The 4 Pillars of a Successful Market Research Study

Market research recruiting is one of the key pillars to a successful market research study. If you’re thinking that it is just an administrative task that can be left to the last minute, think again! Recruiting is just as important as the client, the participants, and the moderator.

We’ve fielded lots of frantic calls from businesses over the years after they realized that recruiting qualified participants was not as easy as they thought. Market research studies are more than asking questions. There are four pillars to any successful market research study: The client, the moderator, the participants, and the research recruitment agency.

The Client

There would be no market research study without a client to commission a study. Companies and brands looking to better understand what drives consumer behavior, or seeking more information before investing in branding and messaging; pricing; and UX design will often invest in a qualitative study.


The Moderator

The moderator is responsible for understanding what question or hypothesis or objective the client is seeking to answer and create a discussion guide that will steer the conversation so that the essential questions are answered. We’ve written before about the importance of having a well-trained moderator in charge. Moderating focus groups is like being a conductor: you’re trying to coax each participant to share their insights and why and how they think/behave a certain way. A moderator can make or break a insite research study, which is why they’re one of the four pillars to a successful market study outcome.

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The Participants

Recruiting qualified participants is the recruiter’s job, but it’s the participant’s job to engage and share their insights. Participants selected for a focus group have often gone through a detailed screening process, so they should be well aware of the expectations and responsibilities they have for participating in a market research study. You don’t need a room full of extroverted participants, but you do need people who are comfortable opening up in front of others. A good moderator will set the tone and put participants at ease so they feel comfortable sharing their insights, even amongst strangers.

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The Recruiter

Recruiters know that it’s their job to find qualified, engaging participants. A screening guide is a great way to identify who does and doesn’t qualify for a study. Not only are recruiters looking for qualified candidates, they’re also assessing potential candidates for their communication skills, responsiveness, and availability.

Without the right marketing recruitment consultants in a market research study, you have nothing. Recruiting teams play a critical role in the success of any market research study.

By paying attention to the four pillars of market research, you’re much more likely to have successful outcomes.

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