Tantric Massage: Your 6 Step Guide to Trying It

With its profoundly spiritual roots, tantric massage entangles the harmony and interweaving of energy and making an appointment for tantric massage London can help to boost your bond, improve your mental health, experience better orgasms and improve your confidence. It is a thrilling experience that everyone should enjoy at least once to appreciate its countless benefits. It’s about all about feeling amazing, mind, body and soul.

A tantric massage removes an individual’s shame, guilt, mental or emotional blockage and self-critical views that can be trapped in their emotions. It helps a person appreciate all that they are and undoubtedly improves their self-esteem. By making an appointment for a tantric massage, you will feel fully embodied, reconnected and confident. This blog covers a 6 step guide to helping you get the most from your tantric massage experience.

Your 6 Step Guide to Trying Out A Tantric Massage

If you have decided to make an appointment for a tantric massage and are stressed about what to anticipate, then go on reading our six-step guide. It covers everything that you need to know before you go to a massage appointment.

  • Cleansing – your body and your environment
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Tantric massage is an ethereal practice and to acquire its benefits, it’s best to enjoy this massage in a clean space. It’s essential to have good personal hygiene and incall locations can make sure showering or bathing facilities are available before and after the massage. The massage location will be clean and uncluttered, you simply need to relax. The masseuse may well use music and lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere. To immerse yourself the ultimate pleasure and endless benefits of tantric massage, cleanse your body and the surroundings.

  • Right Mindset

A tantric massage requires that the receiver is in the right mindset, spiritually, physically and mentally. This massage is not only for enjoyment but also to ensure the movement of the energy (chi). It can help you be more calm, positive and mentally and physically light. It is suggested to focus on your breath during the massage and clear your thoughts and mind of any intrusive thoughts or worries. So, make sure that you do not rush during your appointment and immerse yourself fully in the massage.

  • Enjoy the space 

Make sure to turn off your cell phone (mobile phone), you want to immerse yourself in the massage and be free from outside distractions. If you want a specific type of music, ask the masseuse. Most tantric massages are done on beds or on a special mat for a nuru massage. If it’s too dark or bright just let the masseuse know. Relaxing is key to really enjoying the process. All masseuses offering in-call massages offer a lovely space in luxury apartments.

  • Know the Details of the Massage
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There are many different types of tantric massage, body to body (b2b), lingam massage, prostrate massage, soapy / aqua massage, Nuru massage and foot fetish massage are just a few on offer. If you’re not sure, then start with a body to body massage. If you are an experienced tantric massage subscriber, then just let the reception team know which massage you require. They are there to help.

  • Use a professional tantric massage service

This is a very specialist massage, it’s not a rub n tug type of service. The massages are offered by experienced and undoubtedly beautiful women who are designed to maximise your pleasure. Choose and ethical and established provider with only high quality masseuses.

  • Get Relaxed and Comfortable
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Getting relaxed and comfortable is important for your tantric massage appointment. The beauty of a tantric massage is that it is unique and adaptable to you, the client. Your ease and comfort it vitally important and then you can let go of all the worries or stress from your normal routine and be present while immersing yourself in the tantric massage. Be conscious of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Tantric massage helps a person get rid of tension so being mindful will help you experience the massage better.

Diamond Tantric Massages deliver unparalleled pleasure to its customers and provide both incall and outcall tantric massage. There are plenty of premium options available for individuals and couples to opt from. The tantric massage is devised to be personal and intimate and help a person truly enjoy the many tantric benefits. Experience a thrilling escapade by making an appointment and selecting from a wide range of professional masseuses who are trained in the art of delivering pleasure. They are well-versed with a wide range of massage techniques to satisfy their clients.

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