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Talks to India about Afghanistan conclude without Afghan representative

Talks convened by India on Afghanistan end without Afghan representative
New Delhi: An international meeting convened by India on the Afghanistan issue has ended without an Afghan representative. The meeting, convened by India on Wednesday, ended without an invitation from the Afghan delegation.

The meeting, held in Delhi on Wednesday, was attended by senior security officials from India’s foreign ministry, Russia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. According to international media reports, no Afghan delegation was invited to the meeting to discuss the issue of Afghanistan.

Even China and Pakistan did not attend the meeting, dubbed the Delhi Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan. The meeting is the first of its kind in India since the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

The meeting focused on providing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and focusing on security there. According to Indian media, the delegates present at the meeting also pledged to fight terrorism in Afghanistan.

Chinese army prepares for military operation on Sino-Indian border
BEIJING: The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is preparing for a military operation on the Sino-Indian border. The PLA is fully prepared at the border for military operations in the coming winter season.

According to the Chinese media, the army has started full preparations for the military operation along the high-altitude border with well-equipped equipment and other necessary items. According to a report in the Global Times, the PLA has for the first time made grand preparations to improve the living and working conditions of soldiers and other officers stationed in the area during the winter. It is said that the preparation will increase the morale of the soldiers deployed in the difficult Himalayan border areas and will also facilitate the army in military patrols and other activities even in bad weather.

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Preparations have been made for the operation of the army on the Sino-Indian border at an altitude of about 4,500 meters. Temperatures in the area tend to be less than minus 40 degrees Celsius in winter.

According to Indian media, the Indian Army is also conducting military operations in the area.

COP 26 report made public by the United Nations
GLASGOW: The United Nations climate agency released its first COP 26 report on Wednesday. The Association has made public the first report of COP 26 of the 26th Climate Conference.

The report highlights the political decisions made by countries around the world to mitigate the climate crisis. Representatives from about 200 countries participating in the climate conference will work on the draft report.

The climate conference held in Glasgow from October 31 ended on Friday.

The report will determine how to implement the commitments made by the countries of the world in COP 26 and how effective they will be.

US special envoy to Pakistan meets with Taliban
ISLAMABAD: The new US envoy to Afghanistan is scheduled to meet with the Taliban’s foreign minister, special envoys from China and Russia. US Ambassador Thomas West is scheduled to meet this week with Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki and other special diplomats.

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According to Pakistani officials and the US Department of State, they are set to meet in Islamabad on Thursday for a “Troika Plus” meeting. The meeting will focus on security in Afghanistan.

The new envoy to Afghanistan, West, also said that China was playing a positive role in Afghanistan.

Ethiopia detains more than 70 UN drivers
Nairobi: Ethiopian authorities have detained a UN staff member. Authorities detained more than 70 union drivers (including drivers) and more than 16 local employees.

The United Nations said in a statement on Wednesday. According to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, the rebel group Tigreyan has been arresting and detaining union workers in Ethiopia.

The Tigris captured Ethiopia’s main cities, including the capital, last week. According to international media reports, the union workers were detained in Addis Ababa, the capital.

Japanese PM re-elected
TOKYO: Japanese Prime Minister Fumido Kishida has been re-elected as prime minister. He was re-elected as prime minister by parliament on Wednesday.

According to local media reports, Kishida has been re-elected as the caretaker Prime Minister after gaining a landslide victory in the parliamentary elections held on Wednesday. Earlier, Kishida was appointed prime minister of Japan after the former prime minister resigned last month.

After being re-elected as Prime Minister, he has promised to achieve the goal of new capitalism in Japan.


Terrorism and treason case against American journalist by Myanmar
Washington: The Myanmar government has charged US journalists with terrorism and treason. The Myanmar government on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against detained American journalist Danny Fenster.

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Journalist Danny was arrested last May. He was detained by the Myanmar army after his arrest.

Danny’s lawyer, Thang Jo Aung, told international media on Wednesday that Myanmar had filed new charges against him. Bring on him

If Gecko is found guilty of treason and terrorism, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Fenster Frontier, a 37-year-old American journalist, is the managing editor of Myanmar.

Vietnamese oil tanker seized by Iran released
Dubai: A Vietnamese oil tanker seized by Iran has been released. The tanker was released on Wednesday at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas in Andhra Pradesh.

On October 24, a group of Iranian Revolutionary Guards paramilitaries seized an oil tanker.

Various analysts have speculated that Iran may have seized the tanker for the blast.

Heavy rains kill 16, displace thousands in Sri Lanka
Colombo: At least 16 people have been killed in floods and landslides triggered by heavy rains in Sri Lanka. Thousands of people were displaced by a week-long downpour, officials said Wednesday.

At least 16 people have been killed and more than 5,000 displaced by floods and landslides following weeks of torrential rains, according to Sri Lanka’s disaster management department. The department has also stated that the government is continuing the rescue and relief work of the victim’s family.

Sri Lanka receives more rainfall in October and November. This time it rained more than in the past, officials said.

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