Albanian rappers drove military vehicle fitted with heavy MACHINE GUNS around a UK housing estate

A video shared on YouTube showed Albanian gangster rappers driving military vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns in a British housing estate.
Albanian gangster rappers drove a military vehicle equipped with heavy machine guns around a British housing estate while filming a music video. Masked men drove through the East London housing estate in an armored car The video posted by the... Read more

DC woman discovers brazen car thieves racked up at least TEN tickets after stealing her vehicle

Catherine Brenner is also facing more than $7,000 in damages from the vandal and the local DMV is refusing to ease her financial stress.
DC woman shocked to discover brazen car thieves racked up at least TEN traffic tickets after stealing her vehicle, and the district still wants her to pay! A Washington DC woman says the city refuses to remove the 10 unresolved... Read more

Budget 2022 spends $30billion on climate change national recharging scheme electric vehicle roll out

The government will roll out a national charging network for electric cars (above)
How Labor will spend $30 BILLION on ‘green’ schemes, including $275 million to ‘encourage’ electric vehicle adoption, build an Australia-wide ‘charging network’, launch MORE solar subsidies and spend millions on bureaucrats, while the energy prices increase by 56% in one... Read more

Ambulance waits: 22-year-old with 'serious' back injury forced to wait five hours for vehicle

Ben Symons, from Cefn Cribwr in Bridgend, South Wales, was left languishing on the ground under a blanket in the pouring rain for five hours waiting for an ambulance after injuring his back playing football.
A 22-year-old man was left lying on the ground for five hours in pouring rain while waiting for an ambulance, covered only by a makeshift shelter made of blankets, jackets and an umbrella. Ben Symons, from Bridgend, South Wales, was... Read more

Three dead after car crash in Canberra with one vehicle completely flattened after the collision 

A red Toyota hatchback is shown completely crushed after an accident in Canberra on Sunday.
Three people die after horror car crash in Canberra with vehicle seen completely crushed after collision LAST MINUTE: Three people die in an accident on Sunday afternoon Two others taken to hospital after two-car collision in Canberra Three victims were... Read more

Russian armoured vehicle blown to pieces after inexplicably driving over clearly-visible landmines

Aerial footage shows the MT-LB vehicle inching toward scattered TM-62 anti-tank mines.
A Russian armored vehicle inexplicably ran over a clearly visible landmine and immediately exploded in the latest example of the incompetence of Putin’s forces. Aerial footage shows the MT-LB vehicle inching toward scattered TM-62 anti-tank mines lining a Ukrainian road... Read more

Wedding bus crash tragedy kills 25 as vehicle goes over edge of Indian mountain road falling 1,600ft

At least 25 wedding guests have died in a bus tragedy after the driver veered into a deep gorge in northern India.
Wedding bus crash tragedy kills 25 guests as vehicle goes over Indian mountain roadside, falling 1,600ft The bus flipped over the edge of a gorge in Uttarakhand state and sank at least 500 meters. Amazingly, 20 people have been rescued,... Read more

Sydney road rage: Ute brake-checks and gets slammed into from trailing vehicle

A ute driver (pictured driving along Princes Highway in Sydney's Sutherland Shire region in May) is seen suddenly moving into the right lane without using his indicator
Stupid moment where two aggressive drivers collide after a ute driver repeatedly slams on the brakes, but were they both wrong? Road rage collision in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire captured on dashcam footage The driver of a UTE is seen interrupting... Read more

Carjacker shoots dead Houston father and steals his vehicle with his son still INSIDE

The man suspected of killing a father and then leaving his son to die in his stolen car
Carjacker shoots and kills a Houston father and steals his vehicle with his son still IN it before disposing of it and leaving the boy to die of ‘heat exhaustion’: Suspect, 38, faces murder charges A 38-year-old man is in... Read more

Dashcam captures shocking moment tractor-trailer explodes after colliding with another vehicle

A dashcam showed the moments before the truck left the freeway in Allen, Texas on Tuesday.
Dashcam captures the shocking moment a tractor-trailer explodes after colliding with another vehicle and falling off an overpass in Texas, leaving one dead Horrific footage shows the moment a truck falls off an Allen, Texas overpass and explodes Tuesday’s accident... Read more