Angie Kent says banning staring in nightclubs may be too far

Angie Kent (pictured) thinks that banning staring in nightclubs is going too far.  The reality star responded to the recent news that a Sydney club has banned staring without a
Angie Kent says she supports having security officers in nightclubs, but banning ‘without consent’ watching is going too far: I too watch beautiful people if I’ve had a few drinks. By J. Peterson for Daily Mail Australia Published: 06:21 BST,... Read more

Staring at your phone too long may give you WRINKLES, study warns

The scientists said that avoiding excessive screen time may be a
Looking at your phone for too long can cause WRINKLES! Excessive blue light can ‘accelerate the aging process’, study warns Almost all adults in the Western world are exposed to blue light every day. But now scientists at Oregon State... Read more

The Project's Lisa Wilkinson slams Club 77 in Darlinghurst, Sydney over staring at strangers ban

Watching a stranger from across the dance floor or bar without prior consent is now prohibited at Club 77 (pictured) as part of its strict new rules.
Lisa Wilkinson has weighed in on the massive backlash facing a legendary Sydney nightclub where revelers are now banned from looking at strangers, describing it as the “peacock dance of dating”. Iconic Club 77 venue in the heart of Sydney’s... Read more

Club 77 in Darlinghurst, Sydney bans staring at strangers in bid to become 'a safe space'

Interaction with others at Club 77 must now begin with prior verbal consent (pictured revelers at the iconic Sydney venue)
Iconic nightclub prohibits LOOKING AT other patrons as part of ridiculous ‘safe space’ rules, but you can look at other revelers if you have prior ‘verbal consent’ Club 77 revises the security and harassment policy to promote the culture of... Read more

ANDREW NEIL: It's the EU that's staring into the abyss

The EU is already talking about energy rationing, with industry bearing the brunt of the shortage.  In Germany, rationing could be a reality before the Christmas trees are up.  In the photo, an employee inspects a natural gas storage facility in Bierwang, southern Germany.
Those who continue to lament the supposedly sad state of brexit Brittany. They have a point. Even many true Brexiteer believers admit that, so far, it has barely lived up to its promise. But if these same Perseverers take an... Read more