American mum is shamed for her fresh take on fairy bread by using CINNAMON spread instead of butter

Alicia Dougherty, a mother of 12, took to TikTok to show how she makes an after-school snack for her growing tribe
American mum cringes at her new take on making fairy bread using cinnamon spread instead of butter: ‘This really offends me as an Australian’ Foster mom Alicia Dougherty has taken to TikTok with an afternoon snack video She crafted an... Read more

Would you use lube made from COW SNOT? Experts say it could prevent spread of STIs

The researchers, from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, examined whether mucus could prevent STIs from entering the body and spreading in the same way.  The team, led by researcher Hongji Yan, extracted mucus from the salivary glands of cows and converted it into a mucin-based lubricant.
A lubricant made from cow mucus could protect against HIV and herpes, scientists say. Laboratory experiments showed that the gel, which would be applied in the same way as those bought today, could defeat sexually transmitted infections. Human cells first... Read more

CITY WHISPERS: Short-sellers spread poison Rentokil

Upset: Rentokil dominated the UK short sellers list earlier this week with a whopping 9.9 per cent of its shares lent to hedge funds
TOWN WHISPERS: Short sellers spread poison around ‘world’s leading pest control company’ Rentokil By Francesca Washtell, Financial Mail on Sunday Published: 21:50 BST, October 15, 2022 | Updated: 09:22 BST, October 16, 2022 Rentokil has cemented its dominance as the... Read more

Kyle Richards is stunning in silver as she straddles muscular hunk for PhotoBook magazine spread

Hot: Kyle Richards is the cover star of the latest issue of PhotoBook magazine
Don’t look now Mauricio! Kyle Richards straddles a NUDE hunk for a very raunchy photo shoot for a fashion magazine By Ashleigh Gray for Dailymail.Com Published: 03:45 BST, October 13, 2022 | Updated: 03:58 BST, October 13, 2022 Kyle Richards... Read more

Middle-aged spread 'is inevitable for women if they don't take action'

Women are more likely to have
Midlife Propagation Is INEVITABLE For Women: Expert Says You Need To Eat Healthy And Exercise Unless You Want To Be Apple Shaped After Going Through Menopause Around a third of women in the UK and US aged 45-54 are obese... Read more

YouTube comments on Bill Gates videos dominated by Covid-19 CONSPIRACIES as misinformation spread

Conspiracy theories thrived in the comments on YouTube videos featuring Bill Gates (above) despite the Google-owned platform's policies against misinformation.
Conspiracy theories about Covid-19 thrived in the comments on YouTube videos featuring Bill Gates despite the Google-owned platform’s policies against disinformation. The new study examined a dataset of 38,564 YouTube comments that were drawn from three videos, all of which... Read more

Vegemite changes its iconic yellow label to showcase how the popular spread can be used in bolognese

Whether it's nachos, bolognese, pizza, stir fry or pho, the new Mitey Meals range will have a scannable QR code on the side of the tub to inspire you to add the yeast extract spread to various dishes.
Vegemite announces a big change to its iconic yellow label: ‘It’s a well-kept secret ingredient’ Vegemite has launched its six-part Mitey Meals range with new yellow labels Each one has the name of a food and a QR code to... Read more

Australian monkeypox outbreak: Victoria records high local spread, fears of lockdowns, vaccines

Mr Barlow announced he had the virus in a TikTok video where he dressed as former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and gave a morning press-style announcement.
The first publicly known monkeypox patient in Australia revealed that he contracted the virus from an adventure abroad while on vacation in the United States. Sydneysider Jack Barlow broke the news in a hilarious TikTok clip dressed as former NSW... Read more

Cyberbullies using TikTok sites to spread vile rumours about their classmates' sex lives

Cruel cyberbullies are taking to social media to target their classmates with vile rumors about their sex lives and vote for the 'most embarrassing' kids in school (stock image)
Cruel cyberbullies are taking to social media to target their classmates with vile rumors about their sex lives while urging others to cast votes on the “most embarrassing” kids in school. Teenagers from various Victorian schools participate in “rumor pages”... Read more

Manuka honey experts find trendy spread can help tackle deadly drug-resistant lung infection

Researchers say manuka honey may also help fight a superbug that causes deadly lung infections
Advocates believe it can relieve toothaches and burns, and even stave off a runny nose and sore throat. But manuka honey may have another health power: the ability to fight off superbugs. The researchers found that the trendy variety, which... Read more