Ola S1 Air Electric Scooter With 76km Range, Move OS 3 Launched in India

Ola S1 Air Electric Scooter With 76km Range Launched in India, Move OS 3 Announced
Ola S1 Air was launched on Monday as the company’s third electric scooter to debut in the country and a more affordable alternative to the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro. The Ola S1 Air offers a battery capacity of... Read more

Australian tourist in Bali revs scooter and blocks traffic

Drivers are forced to wait at least a minute on the busy highway while the smiling tourist continues his stunt without a care (pictured)
Scandalous video of heavily tattooed Australian tourist in Nike TN stopping traffic while burning on his scooter in Bali sparks fury: ‘He should be deported and banned’ Video of Australian in Bali spinning his motorcycle in the middle of the... Read more

Scooter tycoon, 62, dubbed the 'Swiss Elon Musk' reinvents THAT iconic 1960s runaround car 

They fell out of fashion in the 1960s with the rise of the Fiat 500. But bubble cars are rolling off the production line again, and this time they're electric?
Bubble and squeeze! The 62-year-old scooter mogul, nicknamed the ‘Swiss Elon Musk,’ reimagines THAT iconic ’60s car Bubble cars float off the production line, and this time they’re electric They have been redesigned for the modern age by scooter mogul... Read more

Hero’s First Electric Scooter Hero Vida Launched, Bookings From October 10

India’s Hero Moto, the world’s biggest motorcycle maker by sales, launched its first electric scooter worldwide on Friday as it looks to catch up with newer companies that have taken the lead in the shift to cleaner transportation. Like some... Read more

Gerard Pique, 35, enjoys a scooter ride with new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, 23, in Paris

Something new: Gerard Piqué seems to have firmly distanced himself from his ex Shakira as he enjoyed a day out with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, 23, during a romantic getaway in Paris
He announced his split from former Shakira in June after 11 years together amid unconfirmed reports that the footballer had cheated on the Colombian. And Gerard Piqué appears to have firmly moved on from his former long-term relationship as he... Read more

Surgery-addicted OnlyFans mode unable to walk without mobility scooter

Surgery addict Mary Magdalene is begging her fans to buy her an expensive mobility scooter so she can get around after her surgeries have left her struggling to walk properly.
An OnlyFans model who is addicted to extreme plastic surgery begs her fans to buy her a mobility scooter as her body breaks down under the weight of her implants. Boasting 10kg breast implants and ‘the world’s fattest vagina’, Mary... Read more

Driving posture affects electric scooter riders' injuries in accidents

Findings: The riding posture of electric scooter drivers may increase the risk of head or brain injuries during accidents and collisions, a new study suggests
Electric scooter users’ riding posture increases risk of head or brain injuries during accidents and collisions, online ‘glitch’ videos reveal Experts say the way electric scooter riders stand can affect head or brain injuries Study of recreated series of typical... Read more

Bali dog attack: Australian tourist set upon by animals while riding scooter: Tey Evans

Tey Evans, 35, was alone and riding a scooter in southern Kuta when he was attacked by the dogs.
An Australian tourist on a surf trip in Bali miraculously cheats death after being attacked by a pack of stray dogs while riding a scooter and left for dead on the side of the road, just a month after getting... Read more

Scooter Braun's amicable divorce is settled! Justin Bieber's manager will pay ex-wife Yael just $20M

The latest: In terms of expensive Hollywood divorces, it looks like Scooter Braun has gotten away with it.  Despite being worth a staggering $400 million, thanks to a prenuptial agreement, he will only pay a fraction of his fortune to his ex-wife Yael, according to TMZ.
Scooter Braun’s VERY Amicable Divorce Settled! Justin Bieber’s manager will pay his ex-wife Yael just $20 million and KEEP his $65 million house, his art collection and his private plane even though it’s worth $400 million. By Sarah Sotoodeh for... Read more

'Elderly' man Mangrove Merv hauls fishing boat on mobility scooter on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast social media personality 'Mangrove Merv' was seen last week along Marine Parade in Coolangatta, pulling a large fishing boat attached to his mobility scooter.
Video of an ‘elderly’ man towing his fishing boat on his mobility scooter while another man hitchhikes on roller skates goes viral – but is it all that it seems? Gold Coast Social Media Character ‘Mangrove Merv’ Behind Viral Video... Read more