TV producer thought he would die in brutal attack by Roberta Williams and gang of goons in 2019

Ryan Naumenko (pictured), then 36, recalled the horrific moment he was ambushed by the gangland window and five other men at Cloakroom Media in Collingwood on July, 2019
A reality TV producer has revealed how he prepared for death as notorious gangster widow Roberta Williams wrapped an electrical cord around his throat. Ryan Naumenko,, then 36, had already been tied to a chair and beaten, kicked and threatened... Read more

If FBI goons can crucify a former president, no-one is safe: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN

The missing documents were simply the pretext for a high-profile embarrassment of the former commander-in-chief
This is how democracy ends. Or maybe, just maybe, how the civil war starts. After surgically embalmed octogenarian Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan to proclaim America’s enduring commitment to freedom, FBI thugs at home were staging a politically motivated prime-time... Read more