Parliament House: Fossil fuels protester glues herself to a painting

Daughter of Ukraine war mastermind 'is blown to pieces in Moscow car bomb'
Chaos at Parliament House as a protester STICKS herself to a piece of art at a fossil fuel demo, as cops fight back By Daniel Piotrowski for Daily Mail Australia Published: 00:51 GMT, November 4, 2022 | Updated: 00:51 GMT,... Read more

Dutch climate activist glues himself to the table at a talk show… before security tips him off

A Dutch climate activist stuck to a table during a live TV debate before falling when security tipped him over.
A Dutch climate activist hit a table during a live television debate, forcing security to step in and alert him. Extinction Rebellion’s Jelle de Graaf was invited to speak on Khalid and Sophie’s talk show about the eco-protesters who adhered... Read more

Furious motorists DRAG Just Stop Oil protesters out of the road as one glues himself to police van

The activist was later pictured being lowered down from the van after his hand was unglued from the top
Furious motorists have been pictured dragging members of the environmental group Just Stop Oil from the roads surrounding Westminster as activists stop traffic for the ninth day in a row, resulting in 45 arrests. Dozens of protesters against the continued... Read more

Eco-activist GLUES his hand to microphone during live LBC interview this morning [Video]

Eco-activist moment HIT his hand on his microphone during a live LBC interview, forcing the station to cut its broadcast while host Tom Swarbrick moved studios. Climate activist Nathan McGovern, 22, pressed his hand to the microphone. The protester stopped... Read more