Man discovers used KFC glove in his large chips from Kwinina KFC in Western Australia

The eagle-eyed KFC customer posted an image of a condiment package belonging to the fast-food chain showing that MSG (monosodium glutamate) was one of the ingredients in their chicken.
An eagle-eyed KFC customer was shocked to discover one of the fast food chain’s secret ingredients and claimed she thought the substance had been banned. The woman, from New Zealand, shared an image of a condiment packet labeled ‘CORONEL SANDERS... Read more

France's yellow vests are 'putting their gilets back in the glove compartment'

The yellow vests protest in France, which at the height of its momentum set cars on fire (pictured last November) and gathered 250,000 people, appears to be fading.
Only 7,000 French yellow vest protesters took part in the latest round of demonstrations, and just 950 in Paris, in a sign the movement is fading. At the height of their momentum in late 2018, the ‘yellow vests’ rallied 250,000... Read more