Body language expert breaks down Princess of Wales' ICY glare at Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle

Body language expert breaks down the Princess of Wales’s icy stare at Meghan in a split second between the Fab Four meeting Meghan Markle felt uncomfortable after Kate Middleton’s icy stare, expert says The Princess of Wales was seen briefly... Read more

Beware of the glare! Even just looking at sun's reflection on PHONE SCREEN can ruin your eyes

Doctors in Spain have now reported the first two patients who suffered eye problems due to the reflection of the sun on the screens of their phones and laptops.  One unidentified patient had been reading his device on a ski resort terrace for four hours, while the other had spent three hours looking at his phone while on the beach.
Looking directly at the sun is an obvious no-no. But even staring at its glare on your phone screen for too long could damage your eyes, experts warn. Two patients suffered retinal damage after being caught by the powerful reflection... Read more

Balding rock fan 'beat ANOTHER bald concertgoer after complaining about glare from his head'

Accused: Andrew Ridley, 56, is on trial accused of causing GBH with intent
Bald-headed rock fan ‘knocked ANOTHER bald-headed attendee senseless after complaining the glare on his head was marring his view of the band’ Andrew Ridley charged with causing GBH with intent at Birmingham Crown Court 56-year-old man hit fan at concert... Read more