Bank of England offloads £750m gilts

Tightening the strings on the stock market: Threadneedle Street unloaded £750m of gilts through quantitative tightening, beginning the unwinding of the massive quantitative easing programme.
Bank of England ends era of quantitative easing by unloading £750m from gilts By Daily Mail City & Finance Reporter Published: 22:32 GMT, November 1, 2022 | Updated: 22:33 GMT, November 1, 2022 The Bank of England has started selling... Read more

QT: Taxpayer faces bill as Bank starts selling gilts

The bank will start selling some of the £875bn it has bought since the 2008 crisis.
Taxpayers are hard-pressed for ‘big’ losses as the Bank of England starts selling gilts it bought since the financial crisis. The BoE bought £875bn since the 2008 crisis and during the pandemic Analysts say the bank stands to lose up... Read more

Gilts and sterling rally as Chancellor Jeremy Hunt scraps tax cuts

Jeremy Hunt scrapped 'almost all' tax cuts announced by his predecessor last month
Gilts and British Pound Rebound as Chancellor Jeremy Hunt Scraps ‘Almost All’ Unfunded Mini-Budget Tax Cuts Hunt reversed ‘almost all’ mini-budget tax cuts after market chaos Experts say gilt yields will likely stay elevated under this government By Mike Sheen... Read more

BoE expands emergency bond buying to inflation-linked gilts

It is the second day this week that the BoE is forced to intervene in the public debt markets
Government debt liquidation prompts Bank of England to buy up to £5bn of inflation-linked gilts per day after intervention fails to calm market The purchases will begin today and will end with the rest of the emergency program on Friday.... Read more

BUSINESS LIVE: BoE to buy inflation-linked gilts; Unemployment falls

BUSINESS LIVE: BoE to buy inflation-linked gilts; Unemployment falls
LIVE TRADING: Sterling Dips With BoE To Buy Inflation-Linked Gilts; The British continue to leave the labor market; Robert Walters earnings rise By live comment Published: 07:40 BST, October 11, 2022 | Updated: 07:55 BST, October 11, 2022 Share or... Read more

Bank of England's efforts to calm markets fails to stop gilts sell-off

Sell-Off: The Bank of England has now committed to using all of the £65bn it set aside, if necessary, to prevent further turmoil in the Gilt market.
The Bank of England’s move to calm markets fails to stop the gilt sell-off as Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s credibility hangs in the balance. By Lucy White for the Daily Mail Published: 22:10 BST, October 10, 2022 | Updated: 22:10 BST,... Read more

Pound, gilts and UK stocks stage cautious rebound

UK assets staged a rally on Tuesday as investors welcomed signs of a Fed pivot and the UK government's U-turn to scrap the 45 pence tax rate.
The pound, gilts and the UK stock market have all bounced higher after a week of turmoil as global investors reacted to attempts to stabilize Britain’s economic ship. Additional support for markets came as investors weighed the possibility of an... Read more

Gilts in freefall and sterling dives as Chancellor spooks investors

The new government of Liz Truss, with Kwasi Kwarteng as chancellor, has spooked investors with more than £70bn added to UK borrowing in the next financial year.
UK government bonds are in freefall following Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget, with promises of sky-high spending and sweeping tax cuts spooking investors. Five-year gilts are on track for a record one-day drop, with yields jumping 50 basis points, while two-year... Read more

FTSE 100 on course to end volatile week in the green as gilts suffer

The FTSE 100 is poised to end the week in the green after a strong showing on Friday.
The FTSE 100 is on track to end a volatile week in the green during a shaky period for UK assets as sterling and gilts come under pressure It has been a volatile week for UK assets as markets react... Read more