Ghostface in a frozen lake and spectacular surfing: Epic winners of the One Eyeland photo contest

This haunting drone image is the work of Polish professional photographer Arkadiusz Dalak, snared in Lagiewnicki Forest in the Polish city of Lodz. Dalak says of the setting: 'It is one of the largest forest areas within the city limits in Europe (it covers  1,205 hectares / 2,978 acres). When this shape appeared on the [drone] controller screen, I couldn't believe my eyes!' He notes that Norwegian painter Edvard Munch's 1893 masterpiece The Scream 'immediately came to mind' when he took the picture, which is appropriately titled 'Scream of the Forest'. Moviegoers, meanwhile, would also see the similarity with the Ghostface mask from the Scream franchise. Dalak adds: 'It's amazing what kind of images nature itself can shape! It's as if the forest wanted to tell us something, or maybe shout out?' The shot bagged a silver medal in the 'Nature - Aerial' category
From a picture of a troop of snow monkeys in a group cuddle in Japan to a snowy lake resembling ‘Ghostface’ in Poland, these images unsurprisingly amazed the judges in a prestigious photo contest. The One Eyeland Photography Awards 2021... Read more