Potential cancer breakthrough: Scientists develop a drug that can block cancer-causing gene

MYC se sobreexpresa en más del 70 por ciento de los cánceres.  Una infusión de la mini proteína OMO-103 secuestra MYC y no permite que se una a otras moléculas.  Esto impide que MYC se una a otras moléculas y se replique, estabilizando así el crecimiento del tumor.
Se ha demostrado por primera vez que un fármaco experimental bloquea un gen fundamental para el crecimiento de muchos tipos de cáncer, en lo que podría ser un gran avance. El tratamiento, conocido como OMO-103, funciona mediante la supresión de... Read more

The gene injection to stop sight loss in ageing eyes

Scientists are using a harmless virus to deliver a gene to the eye, where it tells it to make its own supply of a sight-saving substance.
A virus that turns the eye into a drug factory is being harnessed to tackle one of the leading causes of vision loss, age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Scientists are using a harmless virus to deliver a gene to the eye,... Read more

Still never had Covid? Thank your genes: Three in 10 people have a gene that blocks infection

The 'never Covid' group could have a gene called HLA-DQB1*06 that gives them even better protection after Covid vaccines
Have you never had Covid yet? Thanks to their genes: three out of 10 people have a genetic quirk that blocks infection People who escape Covid infection could have a special gene to help them HLA-DQB1*06 gene will give people... Read more

Sufferers of rare genetic blood disease plead with NHS for 'life-changing' US gene therapy

In studies, a single Zynteglo transfusion freed nine out of ten patients with thalassemia from the twice-monthly blood transfusions they needed to survive.  But last year the drug was rejected by the NHS spending agency because of the high price (file image)
Patients with thalassemia, a rare genetic blood disease, have urged NHS chiefs to provide them with a gene therapy drug that will cure their condition, after US health watchdogs approved the 1.5 treatment. million pounds sterling per patient last week.... Read more