Albanian rappers drove military vehicle fitted with heavy MACHINE GUNS around a UK housing estate

A video shared on YouTube showed Albanian gangster rappers driving military vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns in a British housing estate.
Albanian gangster rappers drove a military vehicle equipped with heavy machine guns around a British housing estate while filming a music video. Masked men drove through the East London housing estate in an armored car The video posted by the... Read more

Harvey Weinstein's longtime chauffeur testifies he drove him to hotel where he is accused of rape

Harvey Weinstein's longtime chauffeur testifies he drove him to hotel where he is accused of rape
A personal driver for Harvey Weinstein testified Thursday that he drove the disgraced media mogul to a Los Angeles hotel on the night that he allegedly raped a woman at a hotel a short distance away.  Alfred ‘Freddy’ Baroth, 74,... Read more

NYPD cop turned demonologist describes harrowing moment he drove out man's 'demon' 

Chris and his wife, Harmony DeFlorio (pictured) travel across the country helping families- free of charge - with spiritual issues ranging from their house being haunted to a demonic possession of a person
A former NYPD police officer has changed career paths to become a religious demonologist – where he travels around the country performing ‘exorcisms’ to rid homes and people of evil spirits. Chris DeFlorio, who was a cop for 19 years and... Read more

The father left with a thousand whys: COSMO LANDESMAN questions if divorce drove son to suicide

In the days that followed the end of my marriage, I told myself I had to man up for Jack¿s sake. There was no time for sorrow and self-pity. My main task was helping Jack adjust to this big scary change by creating a sense of continuity. The toughest challenge I faced in those early days was trying to hide my sadness from Jack. The toughest challenge Jack faced was hiding his sadness from me.
Devastated by the suicide of his 29-year-old son Jack, author Cosmo Landesman has written a searingly honest book about their tortured relationship. In the first part of our serialisation in yesterday’s Daily Mail, he told how he found out his... Read more

Great Britian's Laura Muir says her 'insane' quest for three golds drove her to victory

Britain's Laura Muir won gold in the 1500m at the European Championships
Britain’s Laura Muir says the ‘crazy’ pursuit of three gold medals led her to victory in the European Championships 1500m race as she takes first place in Munich just 12 days after winning at the Games of the Commonwealth. Laura... Read more

Andrew Johns reveals cops drove him home from big nights out as he weighs in on Kalyn Ponga scandal

NRL legend Andrew Johns has spoken openly about the time he was driven home by police and made one of the officers sit in the back seat.
Andrew Johns reveals that the cops used to drive him home after big nights out so he could play football and confesses that Kalyn Ponga’s bathroom drama has left him “sad, not mad”. Footy legend admits to being picked up... Read more

Revesby shooting: Driver drove a kilometre to escape gunmen after car shot up and women killed

A 20-year-old driver managed to drive within a kilometer of a gun battle after gunmen opened fire on his vehicle, killing two women (in the photo, one of the women has been identified as Lameta Fadlallah)
A horrified 20-year-old man managed to drive within a kilometer of a gun battle despite his car being hit by a hail of bullets after gunmen opened fire in a ‘planned’ attack that left two women dead. Two women, aged... Read more

Lewis Hamilton’s love of football drove desire to join Broughton Chelsea bid

Lewis Hamilton has revealed his childhood love of football and desire to make a positive impact on diversity in the sport as the motivation behind his involvement in the Chelsea bid. Hamilton and close friend Serena Williams have joined Martin... Read more