Princess of Wales is dashing the hopes of a generation of photographers, snapper moans

Kate, 40, has posted photos over the years to mark important occasions.  Pictured Prince William with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in 2020
The Princess of Wales is dashing the hopes of a generation of photographers by taking her own pictures of royal children rather than letting someone else “make their name” doing it, a royal photographer has said. Kate, 40, has posted... Read more

The charmed lives of the dashing Danish princes being stripped of their titles

Both of Margrethe's grandsons turned to modelling in their late teens. Pictured with their grandmother in May 2021
As Danish princes, Nikolai and Felix were given a charmed start in life.  The eldest grandsons of Queen Margrethe and Henrik, the King Consort, the boys, 23 and 20, grew up in the royal residences of Copenhagen, holidayed in the... Read more

King Charles III's dashing equerry Major Jonathan Thompson is happily married

His wife Caroline (pictured) was educated at Windsor Girls' School and nearby Strodes College, where she passed three A-levels in media, psychology and photography before earning an HND at the Southampton Institute of Design Communications.
The burly kilt-wearing army officer and equerry to King Charles, who has earned a legion of admirers, has been happily married to a glamorous marketing executive for over 13 years, the MailOnline can reveal. Major Jonathan Thompson, 39, of the... Read more