Dollar crushes pound and euro after bumper US interest rate hike 

Big money: The Federal Reserve raised its base rate 0.75 percentage point to a range of 3% to 3.25%, causing the value of the dollar to skyrocket
The dollar crushes the pound and the euro after the US central bank goes ahead with an extraordinary increase in interest rates as it intensifies the fight against inflation By Lucy White and John-Paul Ford Rojas for The Daily Mail... Read more

Japan mulls intervention as US dollar crushes yen 

Rate Check: The Bank of Japan could become the first major central bank to start buying its own currency as the dollar has risen in recent months.
Japan Considers Intervention In Forex Markets As US Dollar Crushes Yen By John Paul Ford Rojas for The Daily Mail Published: 22:11 BST, September 14, 2022 | Updated: 22:11 BST, September 14, 2022 The dollar’s rampage has brought one of... Read more

P-plater crushes colleague's leg after pinning him against the wall with Bennelong Event Hire truck

A 19-year-old man was rushed to hospital with serious injuries to his left leg after he was crushed by his colleague when he reversed the company truck and pinned him against a wall (pictured)
The luxury events team has the world’s worst day at work after a trucker still wearing his P plates accidentally pins his colleague to a fence in millionaire’s row. A 19-year-old man’s leg was crushed after he was pinned to... Read more

Cavoodle killed after Emerald Lakes bollard flips and crushes dog on the Gold Coast

A family has been saddened by the shocking death of their beloved eight-month-old Cavoodle puppy, Coco (pictured)
A family is grieving the loss of their beloved pup after she was tragically crushed to death when a metal bollard fell on her frail body. Owner Alex Xu was walking his eight-month-old puppy Coco and her mother Stella around... Read more

Boy band concert horror as giant screen crushes dancers during Hong Kong show by Mirror

A giant video screen crushed two dancers at a concert in Hong Kong
A giant video screen has crushed two dancers after one of the two metal ropes holding it up broke during a concert last night. The sixteen-by-ten-foot screen fell on a dancer’s neck before falling on another performer around 10:30 p.m.... Read more