'Britain's cruellest troll' could be made to pay for his lies about the Manchester Arena bombing

Step forward Richard D. Hall, a man whose attempts to make a name — and money — out of Mrs Bridgett’s predicament, and that of others caught up in the bomb, are almost impossible to comprehend
Lisa Bridgett was chatting on her mobile while waiting to pick up her daughter from an Ariana Grande concert when a shrapnel-packed bomb exploded. ‘It was a large blast from the left-hand side,’ she recalls. ‘Everything was so quick, but... Read more

The cruellest Crown laid bare: Full details of Netflix show's new series are revealed

Dominic West and Olivia Williams as Charles and Camilla from the fifth series of The Crown
It has previously been described as ‘trolling on a Hollywood scale’. And Buckingham Palace is likely to find little comfort in the fifth series of controversial royal drama The Crown when it finally airs on Netflix on November 9. In... Read more