California driver plows into grandmother and toddler on marked crosswalk 

The 68-year-old woman pushing the stroller was knocked over by the speeding gray Mazda.  She was taken to ICU with broken ribs and a broken shoulder.
Horrific moment a hit-and-run driver hits 68-year-old grandmother pushing toddler in stroller as they cross California street: Woman fights for her life in ICU as child recovers A gray Mazda struck a 68-year-old woman who was pushing her three-year-old grandson... Read more

Toddler comes within INCHES of being hit by SUV that ran through crosswalk in California

Video captured by Jison Hong's dashcam shows the terrifying moments when an SUV drives through a San Mateo intersection and nearly hits a young child crossing the street.
A little girl is recovering after she was narrowly missed by an SUV while she was skateboarding through a California crosswalk with her father and brother just feet away. The incident occurred on September 14 in San Mateo, California, just... Read more